Free Call to Germany-Switzerland-France-UK-USA

Talkfree7: Switzernet is giving the free call / mobile VoIP free unlimited calls service to many European destinations as well as to US.

The unlimited Free Calls to (CH, USA, DE, EN, UK) Switzerland, France, Germany, USA and UK (fixed / landlines), Singapore (fixed / landlines) could me dialed from Switzernet VoIP just for a monthly flat rates of 9.0 CH (Swiss) per month which is approx 7.5 USD or so a month.

Portugal, Italy and Spain could be dialed unlimited cheap calls using this VoIP, and the rates are 3 Swiss cents a minute. China (fixed / landlines) is for 4 Swiss cents a minute (compare China VoIP calls rates with classic Swisscom line which are whopping 1.25 Swiss francs, so guys Switzernet VoIP is about 30 times cheaper, as they claim it to be )

To use this free call voip company you need to have a high speed internet connection / broadband, ADSL / Cable, the classic analogical telephone can be used to make the free call / VoIP calls using the broadband internet.

Every Switzernet customer will have a personal unique and real Swiss phone number (eg. 021 450 12 10).

This VoIP promises 15 days trial with NO commitments at all to its potential cheap telephony customers.

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