Free Phone Call to Santa on the Christmas

Make a free call to Santa Claus  at North Pole, Alaska

Christmas and holidays are here and the children all over the world would be eager to meet their Santa Clause, many kids would like to TALK HIM on phone, so good news for kids, they can now request a VOICE free phone call from Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) from North Pole, directly yep, He is ready to make call the cute kids and would wish a personal Voice greetings which could be sent to any phone number.

First call is always for free and rest of the phone calls costs approx 1 USD each and international PAID calls too could be made here, so start your Jingle bells and wait for a free Santa's Call from North Pole, Santa love kids and would take you for a joy-ride to his country in The Polar Express.

Talkfree7 Wishes Merry Christmas!


Vonage VoIP Free Phone Calls To Santa

Kids Santa Letters:

GPS-Track Santa Claus Live on World Google Maps:


Free Phone Call to Manila-Pinoy-US and Canada

Manila (Philippines: Pinoy): Holiday seasons is here, thanks giving too is here, so here is the good news for Manila residents from Talkfree7, make real and voice, free phone-phone (no VoIP or no Internet calls) call to your near and dears in USA and Canada during the Christmas and holiday seasons and till February 2009, courtesy the City Government.

This is a Christmas gift to Philippinoes, Manila residents to talk for free to their loved ones, near-dears and business contacts during the festival seasons around the world, Manila's Mayor Alfredo Lim of Manila launched (in partnership of Pacific Network Inc.) the Christmas / holidays free phone call to US-Canada project for the Pinoy residents who do not have much funds to make expensive overseas phone calls to theirs!

To make a free US / Canada phone call service, one has to go: Ground floor / Manila City Hall, there the toll-free phone booths are there which opens for general public, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday (weekends are off). Free calls to the US and Canada would be offered until February 2009.


VoIP Free Phone Calls and Social Networking

Free Social Phone Calls (e-buddies) without giving away your Number: Talk strangers on mobile on go…

VoIP wireless calls or Internet calling to pc or mobile-landline phones is much cheaper and inexpensive so anybody can make a free to cheap calls over the globe using the VoIP way.

Yet another 'killer' start-up is providing such free call over VoIP without revealing your actual mobile / phone number so you may call anybody in the world for free with retaining your privacy of your phone number, it is a VoIP social networking / da*ing / spouse calling, but current Beta version of beemask is open to mobile / land line phone numbers from the US right now only,

Now do not chat but talk free unlimited voice calls online for free with VoIP around the world with your hubby / buddies and family,


3G-BSNL: Streaming Mobile Video Call; Live TV on Mobiles

Largest State owned telco the BSNL has to deploy HCL Infosystems and also Dilithium service delivery platform so that it could make enable BSNL to offer mobile phone video streaming on its 2G / 3G mobile networks in India. 

By this move BSNL could offer / stream mobile video calling services in India over its 3G network which is expected to roll out in an open auction in February 2009. Also this would make enable BSNL to roll out its LIVE MOBILE TV in India, 

Dilithium are the world leaders in offering the high quality multimedia content / voice to video stream on mobile phones worldwide and have a technology which is known as ViVASTM (Video Value Added Services) which is its a service delivery platform (SDP) and this ViVAS offers the utmost and a reliable real time video streaming, RTSP Video streaming, DTMF based, over 3G and IP networks to and from the cellular / mobile wireless gadgets and also to the SIP clients.

Dilithium Live TV:

Our future is exciting and it is sure to be wireless and mobile : ) 


VOIP and Free International Calls

PC CALLING on Go / Call any global PC By Mobile (or Landline) on the Move

An Instant Messenger (IM) based VoIP which alerts incoming toll-free global voice calls…(Phone to instant messenger on PC, receive Free unlimited international Calls via VoIP)

VoIP users and lovers here is an another start up for you (right now this site is down), imvocal as name suggests all this is about voice free international VoIP calling using the internet and phones, globally.

The phone callers residing in the USA (on the go) can make a voice call for free with another imvocal users using VOIP technology and can use any IM client like Yahoo messenger, Google talk, MSN messenger or AIM etc.

In this innovative technology the VoIP route will instantly alert the IMVOCAL user around the globe of an incoming phone call, this is a unique VOIP service which uses Phone to IM (instant messenger) free VoIP calling and the receiver party on the PC has to download nothing to receive the free incoming phone voice cal via imvocal free VOIP call service.

This free call VOIP service is very useful for the netizens who do not wish to reveal their phone numbers or identity or are generally glued to their PC or laptop and love to receive free internet voice calls globally from their family, friends or business contacts etc for an unlimited talk time.

Also this VoIP is also useful for the guys who love to make a call by phone instead of internet or PC to the end user,

In USA, to make this free VoIP, Phone to PC call you have to dial IMVOCAL's toll free access number 1-888-87VOCAL and then you have to provides end user's VOCALID...after that your receiver will receive an incoming phone call alert on his/ her IM and he may take or reject the VoIP voice call from you,

For now this patent pending imvocal has toll free local access phone numbers in these nations: USA, UK, France, Australia, Singapore and Japan (Nippon)that is why these country phone callers can make a free VoIP voice cal to any PC in the world for free using end users imvocal id.

I have though strong doubts that any VoIP can even touch the Skype stronghold for now, eBay's Skype is the KING of VOIP who rules the virtual cals and free skype to skype calls!

Interestingly I am not in the USA or in the imvocal supported country, but in India, to try this service I just called the US toll free imvocal number (+18888786225) from my Skype (on my PC) can you believe it worked for me and perhaps would for you too, so make a VoIP call using phone or Skype to IM (Instant messenger) using imvocal and Skype both : )


Free Mobile Talk Time from Airtel-Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India: Good News for the guys of Hyderabad, (The Cyber city of) India. Leading Indian mobile telecom provider Bharti Airtel is giving away free 100/- Rs talktime to its Airtel users in the very city, 

The current Ad promo to grab free mobile talk time is this time is limited only to Hyderabad, India's Airtel users.

Yep, there is a catch too in the free offer to grab free talk-time on airtel SIMs, just register you Airtel number for free with than beep (mobile phone Ads company) will send you their Ad software to your registered mobile number to send some targeted Ads on your mobile screens, and would add Rs 100/- talk time to your existing balance. (This is not clear whether this offer is also for the Airtel post paid users or not, users can check this with beep)...

The 112 kb, beep software file is Symbian signed thus safe for the mobile download / mobile use, this is what they have to tell, 

Beep mobile Ads software is developed by NowPos who had partnered with Airtel for giving away free Rs 100/- talk time to Airtel's SIM mobile users in Hyderabad city of India. 

For Ref.:

Trace US Phone Numbers: Reverse Tracking

Reverse Phone Number LookUp

Trace or track any USA phone number (home or business phone number, unlisted phone numbers, all area codes numbers supported and can be tracked, cell numbers can also be traced here: 

Find name, address, other info too here,

Stop Watch: WebPage Load Time Checker

This is not the VoIP free call resource but I liked it as this is a free online useful tool to measure the loading speed of any web site or web page, how fast or slow a web page loads, 

StopWatch is a small java script timer which works here to measure the load speed of any web page, 

so enjoy guys,

TruVoIP is a VoIP Guide for free calling resources

Alok R Saboo's VoIP blog is a nice resource for making free worldwide calls using VoIP technology, this budding Indo-US 'writer' is a P.hD Student in Marketing at USA's Pennsylvania State University.

Alok's above blog on VoIP telecommunication provides many free online calling options to the globe, 

Have a look at few of his free voip calls posts:

Talkfree7, wishes Alok and his TruVoIP Bloga very exciting future ahead : )

What are Contract Cell Phones?

Talkfree7: I found this site while browsing the net; I was searching for more free call / VoIP unlimited cheap calls to the world

Contract Mobile Phones

I was bit unaware about the concept of contract mobile phones / cell phones, I was not sure why do mobile companies do need a contract to sell these mobiles actually? So it was nice to go ahead and deep into the subject, 

On the above featured site I did found that the latest Contract Mobile Phones offers best contract mobile phones on Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, HTC and Google mobile phones with orange, three, Vodafone, virgin and o2 networks. It also provides reviews for all type of featured hand sets and models of mobile phones.

There may be the good are chances that you may not like to be bounded in to the contract. But that completely depends on your usage patterns and calling requirements. 

Just spend some time and know your calling requirement before choosing contract mobile phones of your choice.

Contract deals are a simple way to bring your mobile telephony expense. Here is what all you need to know about contract mobile phones...

Why Mobile companies need a contract or contract mobile phones to sell them actually? Wiki answers / replies: 

Thanks to the immense competition in each and every segment of the life that’s why mobile companies try this tactics to sell mobile phones and thus the Contract Mobile Phones / Cell Phones, concept evolves...

VoIP-Cheap International Calls to anywhere

Cheap VoIP calls on all mobiles and abroad. Try 10 Free minutes!

Rebtel is the established name in online or VoIP voice telephony, it offers worldwide cheap unlimited mobile phone calls to the global users. 

Now worldwide holidays / Christmas / New Year seasons are approaching that’s why Rebtel VoIP is offering very cheap international voice calls and 10 minutes worldwide free calling is still there like always to try them for free. 

Rebtel works with your current phone / carrier and no need to change hem, no calling cards or no downloads ate needed, voice quality is good and Rebtel offers PIN less dialling, so no hassles to use or join, 

Current calling rates to India are 2.8 cents per minute, similarly to Gulf, Pakistan, UAE, Middle East etc the rates are very low in wake of the coming holiday season, so take the benefit of Rebtel's current promo

Better try the call quality and authenticity before actually using it in details, trial to international phone s is free : ) 

The current cheap calling promo is also for the existing Rebtel subscribers, and this promo is beginning 20th of November, 2008 to 18th of December 2008. 


Free Call to Germany-Switzerland-France-UK-USA

Talkfree7: Switzernet is giving the free call / mobile VoIP free unlimited calls service to many European destinations as well as to US.

The unlimited Free Calls to (CH, USA, DE, EN, UK) Switzerland, France, Germany, USA and UK (fixed / landlines), Singapore (fixed / landlines) could me dialed from Switzernet VoIP just for a monthly flat rates of 9.0 CH (Swiss) per month which is approx 7.5 USD or so a month.

Portugal, Italy and Spain could be dialed unlimited cheap calls using this VoIP, and the rates are 3 Swiss cents a minute. China (fixed / landlines) is for 4 Swiss cents a minute (compare China VoIP calls rates with classic Swisscom line which are whopping 1.25 Swiss francs, so guys Switzernet VoIP is about 30 times cheaper, as they claim it to be )

To use this free call voip company you need to have a high speed internet connection / broadband, ADSL / Cable, the classic analogical telephone can be used to make the free call / VoIP calls using the broadband internet.

Every Switzernet customer will have a personal unique and real Swiss phone number (eg. 021 450 12 10).

This VoIP promises 15 days trial with NO commitments at all to its potential cheap telephony customers.

Free Calling to US, Canada, NZ, Australia

If you guys want to make / try phone to phone free call from USA, Canada, New Zealand to Australia (Down Under) than this is for you. is pretty straight phone call service and is giving away free 10 minutes trial call (per household) to mobiles / land line phones in Australia from the US, NZ and Canada, nothing to buy or download to make these free trial call that’s to phone to phone unlike VoIP calls or PC to phone Internet calls.

Here, Australians can buy a virtual number for family and friends and can receive an unlimited number of international calls to Australia just for $9.99/month from US, New Zealand or Canada.

Also, did you tried this below Tabrio's trial free calls globally, phone to phone: It works wonder and no download or credit card required to try 30 minutes of free International phone calls:


How to make free VoIP calling to cell phones and land lines?

Do you remember that just a couple of days back we published about, Israel based VoIP (Ads based) absolutely free call resource, The Poketalk from Parrot Media, global offices at U.S., Israel, Europe, and Japan? Poketalk VoIP provides global free call to 55+ countries of the world from your PC,

VoIP 10 minutes (not unlimited) Free Calls can be made from these countries: to the world but alas Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Gulf VoIP calling is not here : (

• Austria
• Canada + mobile!
• Denmark
• France
• Germany
• Israel
• Italy
• Japan
• Netherlands
• Singapore + mobile!
• Spain
• United Kingdom
• USA + mobile!

How VoIP Free Calling works, demo video:

Just to remind that the free VoIP Poketalk calls can also be made directly from your Facebook account.

But good news is that for coming Holidays and the Christmas vacations Poketalk has a X-Mas gift, and it has to offer double the free calls i.e. Poketalk free voip calls would be 100 calls a month starting 2008, November 24th - 2008,December 31. i.e. for new registered customers during this period, the free VoIP calls duration will be 1,000 Minutes of VoIP Free Calls Per Month, do you want more? : )

Skype Video Phone: Make Free Call, VoIP, Voice & Video Calls On Go

Skype video calling phone
Make Free and Unlimited Video calls without a computer, via Video Phone:

Finally the most worldwide awaited Skype certified innovation is here, Skype certified ASUS AiGuru SV1 big 7'' TFT-LCD screen, webcam, videophone is now available in US right now, so forget your webcam, PC / Laptop / Computer / Desktop or what you say it, now make free call with Skype VoIP all the world, Internationally with Skype on the go, yeah on the move...


Skype Videophone was the most awaited electronic gizmo for whom the world was waiting eagerly to make a free video conference call on the move, though laptops were there but we know, small is the beautiful : )

Skype-to-Skype video / voice VoIP calls are always free here to like via a PC, just use your existing a/c to login your VoIP Skype and get set go,

ASUS AiGuru SV1 videophone has an inbuilt rechargeable battery and also wireless connectivity so it works virtually everywhere on move, in home, in office, in business or wherever you go, if you are in a Wi-Fi Hotspot, use your Skype VoIP videophone over there. This is a mobile device which is Skype certified and is the best thing to make free VoIP Skype video call conferencing (face to face voice calling) over the world and unlimited.

Skype's, ASUS AiGuru SV1 videophone is Wi-Fi portable / and works with broadband or a wireless connection. Here you can not dial the emergency call from it as this Skype videophone is not being capable of plugging into the standard telephone socket!

Pictures / videos are crystal clear and appealing and life time experience with Skype VoIP Skype's, ASUS AiGuru SV1 videophone, also apart from Skype contacts you can make cheap Skype VoIP call to anyone over the world, any land line or mobile with your Skype out credit.

I am still waiting for this innovative Skype VoIP video free call phone in India soon, this is the thing I am waiting for the last several months : )

ASUS AiGuru SV1 Specifications:

Phone Dimensions:

Height: 253 mm
Width: 202 mm
Depth: 123 mm

1.6 kg

Chargeable battery, talk time / operates approx for 20 minutes,

Picture / Display:

800x480 Pixel 7” TFT-LCD

Camera Resolution:


Ethernet, 802.11 b/g wireless, WiFi, 3.5 mm microphone jack, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port (for service updates), 12V DC power input.

Price in USA:
$ 299


Universal-VoIP-Global-Phone Numbers: +883-ITU numbers

ONE UNIQUE PHONE NUMBER FOR WORLDWIDE, LIFETIME USE...FOR EVER, Now Call Earth, Not the nations, Forget Roaming : )

Innovation of the century in VoIP / PSTN voice global telecom scene is here:

Just imagine a unique one and only VoIP / PSTN Global phone number that never get changed by crossing international or national boundaries, is it possible, fortunately yes, we are in the very telecom age where distance doe not matter a bit and who cares for the country codes or ISD codes etc.

We are used to make free call over VoIP / Internet and now we would have a global phone number that could be used over VoIP or PSTN, cheers....thanks to the technology by iNum or International number by

VoxBone are the pioneers in the field of telephony and communications. iNum do not have any connection with existing ISD codes or country codes to dial a call, it consists a new global country code i.e. +883 (starting with 883 the inumbers will have 15 digits) and this code is created by ITU (International Telecommunications Union) which sans geographical boundaries, defined by men : )

Now you can just think of having an iNumber from any nation around the globe via any iNum provider / partner. These global phone numbers are truly global and travel to any nation with you thus ROAMING is in fact means nothing in its true strict sense and the word ROAMING soon will lost its meaning from the international lexicon / Webster dictionary, it seems : )

How to get a free VoIP Global Phone iNumber:

These iNumbers are international and support VoIP calling platform too thus you may call an iNum from any phone number from anywhere and from any nation or the city : )

iNumbers can be dialled from any VoIP network worldwide too like any other PSTN / or any real phone number....

The VoIP providers below are routing VoIP calls to Global Phone Number / iNumber fro free

Gizmo5, Jajah, Mobivox, Rebtel, Ribbit, Truphone, Voipbuster, Voipuser, Voxalot, Voxeo


Make Free Abroad VoIP Phone Calls

Seems that VoIP free call technology is going by leaps and bounds, each day a new VoIP entrant adds to the galaxy of the free call universe. 

Skype is the Sky and there is no limit and VoIP is making the companies insane and there is immense competition now in this cutting edge technology market. Individuals and companies are getting attracted daily towards the use of VoIP to reduce their expenses and especially in this slow economy environment. 

Well, Germany's Betamax's / VoIPax's is the latest and nascent entry to the world of consumer free calling over the web / IP protocol or simply VoIP. One can make free phone call via net with this site using its VoIP technology. Just put your and destination phone numbers and click connect and Voila, you are connected by way of wireless and talk VoIP to the world : ) what else you need?

No registration, no purchase, no credit card number, no software download nothing is needed to use this amazing free call VoIP service, they are user friendly, just dial and start saying hello and so on...

This is an Ads based and special offers for callers based revenue model which help the freebuzzer guys to recover the VoIP free call cost, not bad : ) 

Free VoIP call to 42+ countries could be dialed from here like to Australia, Israel, UK, Singapore, USA, Canada, Estonia, Denmark, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and many European destinations and daily up to 3 international VoIP browser phone calls could be make and one can talk up to 2 minutes each free phone call. 

Sorry guys once again, Gulf and Indian subcontinent are ignored here too; I wonder why VoIP companies ignore this great untouched nascent and virgin market which could be the VoIP goldmine / heaven ultimately from them? This is a million $ question and needs an answer?

VoIP-Free Call to US, UK, Holland, Canada, Australia and to 50+ Nations

Thanks Alok R. Saboo for showing this free VoIP calling site that allows international phone callers / users from UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Holland to dial free call / VoIP calls each of 5 minute pulse as many times as you wish to more than 50 countries around the world. 

As you can see India / Pakistan / Gulf / UAE etc callers could not make the free VoIP calls from here, so I could not test this site's authenticity, but US based friend Alok replied me that it works and if it works than really this could be a nice free VoIP / free call gift to all of us VoIP lovers. 

But again I have some doubts as unattractive site design, a rather low Alexa for this site suggest some low traffic there, so I request my keen readers from above mentioned 5 countries to try free VoIP call from this site and post your comment below for the benefit of all of us VoIP lovers. 

Procedure to dial Free VoIP phone calls: Put the number you wish to dial and also your own phone number, Qttel connects you both for a 5 minute VoIP phone call conversation, after 5 minutes you may dial that number again if you wish to talk more via this free VoIP calling way... 

The nice thing about this is that this free VoIP call could be linked to your site / blog / Facebook / MySpace etc via their free call VoIP widget, nothing to be downloaded and no registrations or credit card payment is needed. 

Try this free VoIP and put your comments here to help us all, UNITED WE STAND : )

Cheers : )

VoIP-Free Call to US, Canada, 20 Hours Free

Many thanks to the keen VoIP watcher Andyabramson for showing these 2 start-up VoIP Video calling services, many VoIP Pundits / VoIP watchers are seeing them as VoIP Skype killer, but we at Talkfree7 are comfortable that Skype is Skype and the unmatched brand leader in online VoIP industry for its free video conference calling, unlimited and international from Skype to Skype!

Well, the new emerging these 2 VoIP companies are as:

1. SkyStone: (Italy, Europe based, the SkyStone tries to leverage on Skype / P2P technology, and try to connects via SIP / h.323 compatibility, is also the landline / desk phone optimized.

2. Voxox: (San Diego based VoIP Communication player)

Talkfree7 had researched the net for an exclusive free call offer for its readers by The Mashable, they have a GREAT deal to make 20 hours / 1200 minutes free call (no expiration date) to USA, Canada phone numbers, for the very first 500 guys who would sign up VoxOx Here: so hurry guys.... and do not forget to bookmark us (Talkfree7) we will continuously show you many VoIP unlimited free call deal globally....


Make free VoIP calls to US, UK, Canada, from India

VoIP blog reported about a VoIP (Internet Telephony) free unlimited calling from certain Indian cities to US, UK (land line) or Canada, this service seems to be free and lucrative but it is certainly not an absolutely free Internet calling, so better we may put it on cheap international calls head rather than the VoIP free call. 

Sify is the venture of Satyam, a Brand name in India and oversas. 

To initiate this free VoIP calling from India (only from certain metropolitan cities viz.: Bangalore, Vizag, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Ludhiana, Hyderabad, Chandigarh) one has to pay one time taxes + Rs. 1599/- than a recurring monthly fees of taxes + Rs 499/- and than only one is allowed to make 'FREE' unlimited call to only ONE number in US / UK (LL) or CANADA...

Additionally you also would be gifted the INR 300/- worth of VoIP 'free call' talktime to the another international phone numbers.

How to make overseas VoIP free phone calls?

VoIP cheap / free International and unlimited phone calls over the web are the most popular applications on the net for the guys’ who’s near and dear lives overseas / abroad. 

The freeringer is a web based Flash supported free calling application to dial free phone calls to 35+ countries, directly from your internet browser. Nothing to install or download to make free international calls from PC. 

This FreeRinger VoIP is an Ads supported VoIP free call service by GTalk2VoIP TEAM and Talkster International. The International calls to the mobile numbers are free too for many countries. VoIP callers are zooming this site by leaps and bounds right now-a-days : )


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