Wireless VoIP: 3G Mobile Video Call, MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices)

Mobile phones are getting more and crazier nowadays, and with each passing day. We now seek ways to make free wireless VoIP call using mobile that’s too which support the 2 way video conferencing, yeah free / cheap video call would be the reality soon like Skype-Skype free web calls,



Global IP Solutions (GIPS) had recently started the wireless VoIP video conference calls on Windows Mobile phone and mobile devices like PDAs etc.. THIS IP solution over internet or VoIP provides for peer to peer (P2P) video call conference on mobile devices + a high quality real time video calls and conference with cell phone. 

I do not know if Skype wireless (mobile) VoIP had too yet started the free or any or cheap video conference call (video functionality) on Skype enabled mobile handset? Via 3G / Wi-Fi / Broadband etc. Skype 2 way VoIP voice and video calls are encrypted ones hence its video stream needs encrypting and hence it makes the excessive CPU usage, which the many mobile phones are still unable to support and here 3G network or Wi-Fi is not may be the issue. 

Skype earlier had announced (at 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas) that Skype with Intel Corporation will develop a new mobile Skype™ for Mobile Internet Devices (MID) that would be based on Intel's low power processors, chip sets etc. and this means that Skype will support voice + video calls over mobile internet handsets and devices on the move / on the go. 

Skype is that’s why working with Intel closely to deliver its own application software on the Mobile Internet Linux platform (www.moblin.org).

Video call over VoIP / 3G / Wi-Fi is always an interesting feature on mobiles, which I’m waiting for to go ahead with full stream! 




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