Skype VoIP Free Calls at iPhone: Fring Technology

Steve Jobs Apple iPhone is simply the wonder Gadget or the “Cult” of this Century!

We at Talkfree7 review many free service that offer free call, free international calls, free mobile call, free international roaming, computer to mobile-land line phones free calls etc, now we have the official info of making VoIP Skype free call using Apple’s iPhone with Fring technology.

Thanks to the Fring guys, this useful Fring mobile phone technology provides VoIP free calls, live mobile chat and interaction through cell / mobile phones to hundreds of thousands of Fringsters around the globe. Fring allows its users’ which are called as, Fringsters, for making VoIP calls with their Skype, Google Talk, MSN, Twitter, ICQ, AIM and Yahoo etc to make free call, chat or IM.

We know Fring, Talkster, Nimbuzz and Barablu are the mobile phone technologies which provide the platform for free VoIP mobile call all over the world.

The latest news about VoIP Fring mobile phone software is that it is available for free on Apple App Store and easily available to download on Apple's iPhone / iPod touch for free, nothing to unlock on iPhone 3G now, its official. It will work on iPhone / iPod touch with Wi-Fi hotspot networks too : )

So the guy who use VoIP Skype free call or Skype Out global calls can use their apple iPhone to call their Skype contacts all over the world and on the move while travel.

So Skype unlimited free call / cheap call / low cost international calls with Apple iPhone on the move is a 100% reality now.

As we know that Fring works nice with Symbian S60, Windows Mobile etc operating system (O.S.) and fring is always free so it is worth to make free unlimited worldwide VoIP Apple iPhone calls on the move to your Skype contacts etc or so, it works and work for free. We ALL love freebies : )

Have a nice mobile VoIP free calls : )

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