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Did you ever felt a need to make frequent phone calls / free call (VoIP) to your family and friends globally or seeking an online site where may be you can dial free phone calls to the world anywhere and everywhere from your internet-PC, unlimited and at any time? Than surely Icondial is for you. 


This site gives you an opportunity to make free international calls thus you may call for free to any mobile or landline number and anywhere and everywhere in the world. 

Icondial uses Flash based free browser to phone calling technology thus nothing to download or register here. Just fill the phone number and start making free VoIP calls. 

Icondial just needs the version 9.0 or higher of the popular Adobe Flash Player on your PC, which is generally the PCs already have! 

This calls / free call service is based on Ad revenue model, thus to initiate a free call you have to ‘force listen’ the 3-6 second interesting family safe audio Ad and than you could make the free call, not that bad for something freebie, no…though I love Ads…!

Icondial’s biz model to make free calls / VoIP calls is bit like the Free 411 which permits the free directory help calls initiating via Ad based revenue model. 

This is just a start-up service and works, but right now it seems to be down perhaps a heavy chunk of Internet traffic searching for free call / VoIP free call is heading towards this free call service to make free calling but we are sure it would be back to normal soon as this is an Ad supported free call / VoIP format.

If this free VoIP calling service runs and could remain live in the coming times than it could pose a serious challenge for the VoIP stronghold Skype as it is free from computer to any phones…any country unlike Skype which is free only Skype to Skype and to make a VoIP cheap call Skype to land line or mobile you have to purchase the credits via Skype Out, which is NOT the case with Icondial free calls service right now : ) 

This Call for free service could be especially beneficial for the students’ community learning in universities / colleges and have to call for free to their families abroad and overseas. Students always seek and are inclined towards the making long, unlimited cheap or free calls and when this is a VoIP Free call that’s too internationally than what could be better than this. 

We are in the communication era and the VoIP cheap or Free calls are the need of the time to cut the heavy international call tariffs, international roaming or calling card charges. 

VoIP is the future and Phone Free call is the ultimate goal : )




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