Free Call Forward to an Anonymous Number

Auto expiring (disposable), anonymous, US, FREE phone numbers (currently works in 23 US cities), to receive incoming calls and this free phone number really and actually do free VoIP call forwarding to your cell / mobile or land line number! And the calling guy could never see your actual phone or mobile number. 

Silicon Valley-California, US based i number is providing this such a fantastic free phone numbers service to receive calls by giving your anonymous US free phone number to your contacts. 

These anonymous free incoming call numbers are unique and any other person will not have the same free incoming call number to receive anonymous phones calls. 

These free phone numbers are parental control and call screening enabled i.e. you may choose with whom you wish to talk and whose phone call needs to be rejected, even with these free anonymous phone number. with the free US anonymous incoming phone call number one can play safe when one have to put his / her phone number into a safe Craig s number / Craig number / Craigslist / Craig list ad or may be while giving the phone number to sales rep etc. and many more uses...

So these anonymous free phone number protects your privacy and forward your phone calls to your any phone by the route of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). 

By using these Craig number (auto expiring) / free anonymous incoming phone call number one is very much sure for everything safe and no phone scams could hit him hard…


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Nicole said...

nice post and thank you for sharing it..I'm glad that there's a services like this..
I actually tried this kind of service where all your incoming calls will be forwarded to your mobile or landline number. And you can also keep phone number safely for later use.

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