Cheap STD calls in India by Virgin on Diwali

Diwali is one of the most admired Indian (Hindu) festivals of crackers, fireworks and light, it is coming once again, the joy is spread everywhere in the air... 

We @ Talkfree7, have at least one more reason to celebrate this Diwali with more joy and enthusiasm, as Virgin mobile India (Brand franchisee association with Tata Teleservices India, TTSL) had slashed the phone to phone voice, long distance calling rates in India which is known as STD (long distance India to India calls) / NLD (national long distance) call.

Have a look at the above promo cheap India call YouTube's video by Virgin mobile, it is really cool and is in Hindi, I am sorry for the English knowing community for this video perhaps I could translate this for you, but still it is watchable : )

Not only the STD has been cut drastically or by 33% but also the local phone call tariffs have also been slashed. Now with Virgin mobile India all STD and local phone / mobile calls are 0.50 paisa only for a minute, any network (not limited to their own network) at no extra cost. 

Their slogan is that's why: ...Virgin Mobile, Think Hatke....

We know mobile is the 'toy' gadget in India and majority of young Indians love to play this toy, wireless telephony has a major success in India in recent past years and growth is phenomenal. Hence the price war between telcos is hot. With this Virgin mobile’s price cut in STD / Local calls tariff in India the price war is sure to be intensified once again. 

Virgn mobile India's plans are as re. cheap STD (long distance calls) and local cheap calls: Virgin / TTSL subscribers are allowed to make a phone call to mobile or landline, any carrier / network for 0.50 paisa a minute but the initial three minutes would be charged to original tariff. 

For making a cheap STD India call each day initial 3 minutes STD would cost Rs.1.50/- a minute than there after it would cost 0.50 paisa a minute whole of the day. 

Similarly for making a local India call each day initial 3 minutes local calls would cost Re. 1.00/- a minute than there after it would cost 0.50 paisa a minute whole of the day. 

There is a catch too, the India-India cheap call can be made whole of the day for the above rates but the maximum duration is up to 30 minutes per day, i.e. one can dial cheap calls for a max. of 30 minutes a day and not for an unlimited time, but still not bad deal for many of us : ) It’s a good deal, I am waiting for the price war to begin now in-between the mobile Telcos, so I can fetch the best unlimited cheap / free call offer for me : )

Incoming mobile calls rate in roaming are too sure to come to the ground by this step of Virgin mobile India now....

These are the lowest ever prevailing rates for long distance calling / STD in India as of yet by any network operating in India either mobile or land line. The best thing is no extra calling card or package etc has to be purchased by the Virgin-TTSL customers. 

But the main part of the story is here, Diwali Dhamaka by BSNL, the State owned telco BSNL is going to open the Pandora Box and is preparing to announce any time the best and cheapest STD tariffs India, could you guess...?? it would be 0.20 paisa a minute for NLD / STD in India (much lower than even the national local calls), anywhere, this Diwali by BSNL, there would be of course some catch attached and that it this BSNL cheap STD in India would work from 11PM to 10AM : ) yet not bad na... 

Happy Diwali (with cheap calls India)! Say it with Flowers, Crackers, Light and Gaiety…Wish you luck, health, fame, money, peace and joy…

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