Skype VoIP at Java Mobile Phones: Nokia N82...

VoIP: Skype while Travel, on the move, on your existing mobile, to make a free call anywhere, everywhere Skype in the Pocket: 

Now use your existing Java mobile phone (which should be listed in the list of Skype download compatible) and start making free call to your Skype local or overseas / long distance contacts anywhere in the world, no special phone, PC or even Wi-Fi hotspots are needed. 

Skype-on-mobile-phones can do group chat, chatting, IM, receiving and presence SkypeIn call (i.e. a call initiated from mobile phone or a land line to Skype).

Skype now had introduced / added 30 new mobile models to it list on whom Skype VoIP free / cheap call software could be downloaded to make a free / cheap mobile - Skype call. Now the list had grown to approx 50 mobiles which support the Skype download to make Skype to Skype free call / free VoIP Call.

Mobile Phone Handsets Added Today: 

"Motorola v6maxx, L9, Razr2 V9

Nokia 5310, 5610, 6300, E61, N70, N72, N73, N76, N78, N81, N82

Samsung G600, G800, U600, U900

Sony Ericsson c702, c902, k660, k770, k850i, w580, w660i, w760, w890, w910, w980, z770"

Skype VoIP on Mobile Phone Faq:

The VoIP Skype users from UK, Brazil (Rio-de-Janeiro & Sao Paulo), Estonia (Skype's Home country), Denmark, Poland, Finland, Sweden can make Skype to Skype and Skype Out calls (i.e. a call initiated from Skype to mobile phone or land line phone) and also now the Antipodeans (or Australians and New Zealand ers) can use their Skype software compatible Java mobiles to call cheap Skype unlimited international calls anywhere and free Skype To Skype calls around the globe using their above mentioned mobile handsets. 

SKYPE is the limit it seems rather than the SKY is? Skype still is THE BEST…

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