Skype VoIP on Android-G1 for making free calls on the Go

Skype on Mobile (On T-Mobile's G1, which have Google's Android operating system

Google's mobile OS Android is finally having the VoIP Skype platform and is ready to make Skype voice calls wireless anywhere from anywhere while on the move with mobile phone. Thanks to .

Till date iSkoot for the Skype is the very first VoIP platform which is the only available platform in Google's Android Market, so finally T-Mobile's G1 (Google's first Android phone) users can make VoIP Skype call on the move with their cellular phones unlike Nokia's Symbian users. 

THIS IS TO BE NOTED that, iSkoot solution for Skype is NOT the VoIP over the data - 3G connection. 

Rather iSkoot uses the Voice GSM technology for making the Skype voice calls (so you would be certainly billed for your airtime, like placing a voice call) and iskoot uses 3G for chat. So have an eye and count your voice minutes while make or receive Skype voice calls, otherwise your local phone calls bill would increase than do not blame Talkfree7 : ( 

So, Skype to Skype unlimited international voice calls: Are free but you still have to pay your local carrier, the local airtime charges, as iSkoot over Android Skype do not use 3G, so here effectively you would be making skype to skyp unlimited international call on the move on the local tariff, not bad, after all you are using the Google’s proprietary mobile operating system Android over G1 mobile.

iSkoot for Skype, supports the mobile platforms viz., Windows Mobile, S60v3, UIQ, J2ME, Palm, BlackBerry.


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