PC to cell phone: free phone calls to US, Canada by Tuitalk

Tuitalk is Turkey based (Turk Telecom) free voice calling VoIP application. They say that no hidden charges and even no credit card number are required to make a free international call. 



One can make a VoIP voice call for free using Tuitalk free call using computer / PC / Laptop to the world (38+ countries currently supported) or a free local / domestic phone call. 

To make the free call a reality the Tuitalk relies on its advertisers hence the tuitalk free international - domestic VoIP calls are Ad supported like US’s Virgin mobiles free ad supported free calls: Sugar Mama!


The length of the free voice call depends on the sponsorship's / advertisers support, it is on the ad giver that how much for long you can make a free mobile or a land line international voice call over VoIP. 

Phone calls to the USA / Canada mobiles are absolutely free using Tuitalk. 

Tuitalk uses a special technology to make free VoIP voice calls: IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) model (patent pending tech, initially designed for 3G cell networks).

The good thing for India / Pakistan is that the joining form supports the national language (native language) of India Hindi and also Urdu etc. but alas that currently India and Pakistan are not in the supported country list to initiate an ad supported free call. 

The free voice calls to parent country Turkey can be made from any part of the world using Tuitalk but currently free voice calls can not be made from Turkey using Tuitalk free voice call application. 


…Every new start-up VoIP company (knowingly or unknowingly) potentially tries to make a dent / challenge the stronghold of SKYPE- the VoIP brand leader but Skype is like the Sky un-shattered by the newcomers it has millions and billions of it loyal global customers who always trust and use Skype to dial free calls around the globe daily and on routine basis…

…we at Talkfree7 are also of the view that despite numerous VoIP newcomers the Skype is the best till date (at least for us). 

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Anonymous said...

Personally I don't like big company like Skype dominating the market. I tried Tuitalk and it worked pretty well for me.

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