Free VoIP phone calls to Pakistan

The below site claims to give away trial IP / VoIP international free phone calls to Pakistan from US / Toronto, Canada.

Pakistan is a popular free call destination amongst the VoIP companies and users around the world.

We always seek to provide the reliable and newest resources to make a free phone / mobile call to Pakistan. We had not tested or tried this very site to make a free trial VoIP call to Pakistan hence readers are free to do so on their own peril…its Alexa ranking is quite low right now and that means a low traffic here, thus making a rider of suspicion on the authenticity...

Anyway I personally am is the great lover of VoIP King The this is always free PC to PC and globally and video conferencing free call quality is superb, also Skype is now compatible with many VoIP enabled mobiles, its easy to set up and require no tech things : )

Many Pak cities are covered on the above site to make an international (from USA / Toronto, Canada) VoIP call to Pakistan.


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