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Well, after many VoIP and free to cheap call solution reviews, today I thought to share some good mobile VAS with Talkfree7 esteemed and loyal global readers, as you all my audience is much important to me and Talkfree7, we are here because of you : ) We care for you, and we mean our words : )

An innovative, patent pending technology is free and for those who love to watch / share live video streams or may want to wirelessly / mobile way, broadcast their videos to the world via web / internet in the real time.

Qik can help you and your PDA / mobile phone to broadcast (mob cast) a live real time stream of video to the web via mobile phone / Apple iPhone.

You also can stream videos from mobile phone / iPhone to your Twitter account.

This is damn simple to use and no tech thing or knowledge is required, no DVB-H mobile TV is required on mobile sets to make a live real time video broadcast (mob cast) over internet ...

Many smart mobiles / cell phone handsets are supported like Nokia, Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 3G, Sony Ericsson’s etc mass market J2ME cell phone handsets:

Qik: mobile streaming live video broadcast works with mobile phones having the O.S. Symbian and Windows


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