GPS cell phone tracking & navigation in real-time

Well, we had already learnt about QIK, a nice free Mobile Streaming Live Video Broadcasting (real time) app on the web. 

Today we will get you introduced with IPOKI, an another fascinating mobile social network / mobile social engineering platform which supports the GPS navigation-tracking / geo location tracking in REAL TIME via mobile phones, yeah it works and is for free. 

Do not worry for your privacy which is guaranteed and protected well here… You also can watch all the public users here on Google Earth. 

Ipoki is based in Spain (Europe)…

Using QIK + iPoki combined one can track the real time and live streaming geo-location via GPS using a mobile phone and also by QIK supported live streaming real time video mobile broadcasting you can navigate GPS on the go / on the move…

So QIK + IPOKI combined gives a wonderful experience to navigate GPS, locating mobile experience on the go, see the video above in this post. 

Ipoki (GPS based social mobile network) and QIK (mobile streaming video broadcasting) have partnered to share and display the real time geo location with the users when they transmit / stream live videos to other mobile devices. They also support the popular Internet social networks like Facebook / Twitter.

Similar GPS mobile services: Mobile GPS, US supported: This also supports the Apple iPhone Mobile GPS, US supported : This also supports the Apple iPhone, Blackberry


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Unknown said...

This is good,always been looking for something like this,now we can know where our friends are and may also meet interesting people in the same geographical location:)

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