Virgin Mobile's friends free calls, watch YoYo cool ad

I am sure you will be getting a broad smile after watching this cool funny and naughty Ad (advertisement) by Virgin Mobile India which is for keep calls between friends, free, with Virgin's YoYo Plan. 

Here in this Ad two friends are lying in a hospital in two different rooms, a nurse enters the first friends room and checks up, than the patient's mobile rings up, patient wanna make a fun with nurse and asks her to locate his mobile, the nurse scans the body of the patient coolly but could not find the mobile than she left to the second patient’s room, the first patient than in-between calls that second patient (his friend) that, now it is your turn to make fun with the nurse is now coming to you…but Oops, as not the nurse but a ward boy reaches (instead of a nurse / female body)the second patient for a checkup, now what is the fun...dreams are shattered...?? : ( its all about teen age naughty fun and the free calling between friends with Virgin Mobile YoYo plan. 

YoYo also promises to earn by receiving a voice call, the advertisement is nice, thanks to the Virgin mobile India for making us cool and smile : )


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