O2 Germany Blocks Rebtel VoIP Calls

Swedish, Rebtel, the popular international VoIP cheap international calls provider to the world (Rebtel’s access numbers) is being blocked by Germany's telco O2. Rebtel knows the situation and is working to solve the problem so its German VoIP Calls customer could make cheap / free VoIP calls once again to the world.

O2 Germany

The cheap internet calls (VoIP Calls) is perhaps the reason that German O2 felt perhaps the losses in its revenues and blocked the VoIP Rebtel calls on its network. 

This era is of the Internet and cheap and Free VoIP calls from Rebtel, Jajah, Skype, Fring, Barablu etc are a reality and the telcos have to accept the fact and this could never be stopped, or they would loose their subscribers, the time will tell : )


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