M-Commerce: pay by cell phones; credit cards, debit cards, cash or ID is not needed

Real M-Commerce (mobile payment system a mobile VAS) is here, now pay bills by your mobile phone for any goods, services or merchandise, no need to have a credit card, debit card, bank balance, cash or any ID proofs, just a mobile and pay by it... 

It rocks and works in more than 15 countries. Mobill cash is supported by the 100+ mobile phone carriers like Vodafone, AT&T, Sprint / Nextel etc. 

Mobillcash has a unique free affiliate program, where the blog / site owners or you as an affiliate could earn high revenues just by referring a merchant via your referral link, and when the merchant you referred makes any transaction / sale you will earn on each sale and from each merchant, it is wonderful : ) 

So join for free as a merchant.

Shradha-Kartik : )

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