Airtel to Airtel, GPRS free India calling

Free Airtel GPRS

This website depicts the way to make free Airtel to Airtel voice calls on phones / mobiles using the Airtel GPRS and Bharti Airtel messenger, anywhere in India. 

We Talkfree7 had not tested or tried this hack so you are requested to use the trick at your own risk, if any, we have no relationship or promo associated with this, this is just for the benefit of our esteemed readers’ community. 

To make free local / STD / long distance airtel - airtel calls, you should have: 

1. GPRS enabled Airtel prepaid SIM preferably with low funds (to avoid any accidental loss of funds),

2. GPRS enabled / Java enabled mobile handset (both phones that of caller and the calling party),

3. Use Airtel Live which is free and Airtel Messenger to call for free Airtel - Airtel voice calls in India as depicted in the above linked site.

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