Free VoIP conference calling with Twitter friends gives the Voice to (social network)!

Using Phweet one can Twitter with friends and is able to call free unlimited international voice conference calls / free voice chat sessions with Twitter friends. Phweet connects us with voice calls directly within from the Twitter messages by only clicking a URL.

Actually this is a free phone call within a URL. Phweet can be used to make free call with Twitter group as it supports the browser-to-browser or PC to PC calls, which are having flash embedded voice and the audio quality is moderate.

You have to specify your choice to make a call to which channel like it is a Browser, a SIP ID or the phone number / Mobile Phone, for accepting (or hosting) a Phweet session.

Phweet produces / generates a URL link (similar to a tinyurl), the URL than comes as a Twitter message than the guys can click that URL link to start free voice conversation and can talk for free with each other and a free conference call is started with international friends with no charges at all : )

It sounds wonderful and is very simple too. Say goodbye to international phone numbers, make free VoIP voice calls with friends inviting to them on Twitter with help of Phweet!

It could be used with many like Gizmo5, Nokia, Blackberry, or even on the Apple's iPhone too!

Can you believe that Phweet free VoIP calls were made from the Aircell, airplane (American airline with use of in-flight Wi-Fi, internet broadband provider GOGO), while in-flight and on board, real time voice conversation from air, by a guy to her Twitter friend in the US / Earth, while the VoIP giant Skype’s VoIP calls were blocked from air to call on earth!

Want to know how did she was to able free VoIP voice call in real time from mid air to earth? This is interesting, thanks to the 'Flash' (provided by ) based free call (VoIP) solution via and it worked in American airlines too with GoGo Wi-Fi hotspot, Internet in-flight broadband service.

Phweet VoIP calls were possible as of the FLASH (& SIP) based solution but which was not the case with Skype or any other VoIP company that’s why they were blocked in-flight! Phweet uses the TelEvolution platform(means that a VoIP service platform which is controllable via the web services APIs!

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