Make free phone calls to USA & Canada; domestic & international

Free Calls: USA-Canada, Domestic & International

Israel's Parrot Media's POKETALK is the latest and a new free international VoIP calls service in the United States and Canada to say Hello!

This call for free phone service (beta) enables US, Canada, Singapore, Israel, Japan, Germany & UK (landlines) customers to dial free calls from any existing fixed line / landline or cell / mobile phone, to any other telephone, either locally or/ and globally.

Just fill your phone number and also the number you wish to call than Parrot Media's POKETALK will connect you both. This free calling service is supported by sponsored targeted Ads and you have to watch the targeted ads on your PC screen while on the call.

They also have an add-on which can be used to make free calls directly from your Facebook account.

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