View live stream of your DVR on your cell phones via GPRS

Qeeps (pronounced as, keeps) is a unique site which has a solution for viewing your DVR (Digital Video Recorder) / PVR (Personal Video Recorder) via GPRS to your mobile phone live via as a streaming channel.

Qeeps is simply a mobile phone solution which can make enable a CCTV to mobile phone and when you are with qeeps, you are sure to stream live or pre recorded videos from a DVR to directly to your cell phone. You can also PTZ / relay control etc of your DVR from mobile phone.

Qeeps also allows you to make a security / vigil / watch / monitor your house from mobile phone, that’s live streaming and clear like television (TV) quality picture. You are free to use Qeeps from around the globe and may use mobile phone / laptop and could watch on mobile what is going here and there : ) It works like real James Bond 007 movies.

You can easily and completely control your home / workplace with qeeps solutions on your cell phone. Qeeps just keeps you in touch when you are out of home and you can watch your darling and little kids, pets alone in the home…

Qeeps also has an alarm alert that will notify you via your mobile phone that something had happened in your home and will also show and record the video. 

Qeeps is more than a mobile phone application / VAS it is a complete security-mobile system too and one can have lots of fun with qeeps system.

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