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Vopium Technology:


More and more VoIP mobile cheap international calling resources to absolutely free global calling companies are emerging day by day, the yet another is Vopium in the series of free calls. 

Vopium is a Copenhagen based Danish (European) company and allows the users to make free mobile calls (free smartphone calls) over Wifi to Wifi and Vopium to Vopium anywhere in the world which cuts international roaming tariffs / charges and allows the free calling anywhere in the world. 

Vopium free call technology uses a detection system where it detects when its user is connected to a Wi-Fi Hotspot and then it routes the local or international calls to that countries fixed line calls via WiFi system. 

This all is free hence makes an international call absolutely free over Wifi hotspot with Wifi enabled mobile handsets. 

Vopium currently supports at lest 500 mobiles sets and also support many OS, operating system viz.: Symbian, Java, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc.

Vopium automatically detects if a user is connected to a hotspot / WiFi and routes international calls, and calls to national fixed lines, via Vopium WiFi. 

Also for making calls outside the EU (European Union) / Non EU countries, the Vopium is one of the cheapest / free solutions to dial free international calls.

Vopium presently is available in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Spain and will be available soon globally including the US, Asia etc too as it already had been tried and tested (beta) in Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, The UK, Canada, USA.




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