WIFI to WIFI free calling & SMS on cell phone by Vopium


Vopium Technology:


More and more VoIP mobile cheap international calling resources to absolutely free global calling companies are emerging day by day, the yet another is Vopium in the series of free calls. 

Vopium is a Copenhagen based Danish (European) company and allows the users to make free mobile calls (free smartphone calls) over Wifi to Wifi and Vopium to Vopium anywhere in the world which cuts international roaming tariffs / charges and allows the free calling anywhere in the world. 

Vopium free call technology uses a detection system where it detects when its user is connected to a Wi-Fi Hotspot and then it routes the local or international calls to that countries fixed line calls via WiFi system. 

This all is free hence makes an international call absolutely free over Wifi hotspot with Wifi enabled mobile handsets. 

Vopium currently supports at lest 500 mobiles sets and also support many OS, operating system viz.: Symbian, Java, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc.

Vopium automatically detects if a user is connected to a hotspot / WiFi and routes international calls, and calls to national fixed lines, via Vopium WiFi. 

Also for making calls outside the EU (European Union) / Non EU countries, the Vopium is one of the cheapest / free solutions to dial free international calls.

Vopium presently is available in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Spain and will be available soon globally including the US, Asia etc too as it already had been tried and tested (beta) in Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, The UK, Canada, USA.




View live stream of your DVR on your cell phones via GPRS



Qeeps (pronounced as, keeps) is a unique site which has a solution for viewing your DVR (Digital Video Recorder) / PVR (Personal Video Recorder) via GPRS to your mobile phone live via as a streaming channel.

Qeeps is simply a mobile phone solution which can make enable a CCTV to mobile phone and when you are with qeeps, you are sure to stream live or pre recorded videos from a DVR to directly to your cell phone. You can also PTZ / relay control etc of your DVR from mobile phone.

Qeeps also allows you to make a security / vigil / watch / monitor your house from mobile phone, that’s live streaming and clear like television (TV) quality picture. You are free to use Qeeps from around the globe and may use mobile phone / laptop and could watch on mobile what is going here and there : ) It works like real James Bond 007 movies.

You can easily and completely control your home / workplace with qeeps solutions on your cell phone. Qeeps just keeps you in touch when you are out of home and you can watch your darling and little kids, pets alone in the home…

Qeeps also has an alarm alert that will notify you via your mobile phone that something had happened in your home and will also show and record the video. 


Qeeps is more than a mobile phone application / VAS it is a complete security-mobile system too and one can have lots of fun with qeeps system.

Airtel's Singapore free roaming offer on Formula1 Singtel Grand Prix 2008

India / Singapore: Bharti Airtel is one of the major telco of India which has a stake with Singapore's leading telco, Singtel. 

Singtel is also the official sponsor for the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix Formula1 racing.

India's Bharti Airtel in partnership with Singapore’s' Singtel will allow free mobile phone international incoming calls to Airtel subscribers for 5 days (2008, September 25 to September 29) while they would enjoy the 2008 Formula 1 Singtel Grand Prix race in Singapore. 

...so the Airtel subscribers (pre paid / post paid) you have to manually select the Singtel network while in Singapore to cut / avoid the heavy international roaming tariffs / charges (INR Rs 50 to 52 per minute) and you than will receive the free incoming calls from your family and friends, while you are in Singapore on these specified days to witness the 2008 Singtel Singapore’s' Formula 1 Grand Prix race. 

Enjoy, travel and shop Singapore with the free international mobile roaming there!

Back-Up your cell phone's phone book online

Featured Site: 


Zyb.com is a Danish (Denmark, The Europe) based mobile phone social networking online company. 

You can store your mobile / SIM address book / contacts book online and can make secure your SIM contacts with zyb.com 

You can back up when you need them and can make safe if you wish to transfer your contacts list to a new SIM or mobile / cell phone. 

You can see and track (map with Zyb calendar) what your family & friends are doing on a map with Zyb, who is free right now to talk with you, time zones and geo locations worldwide, you can see what pictures are uploaded by your family & friends on Flickr / Picasa etc. 

Zyb.com is a cell phone back up service for mobiles. It is a cell / mobile utility and also a social mobile platform for the users. They also have the location based apps like Twitter for mobile phone users. 

And all these are FREE for you with Zyb social mobile phone networking. With Zyb you can enjoy the many mobile social networking features, viz.: photo tagging, shouts, content sharing etc. 

Zyb.com is for making a secure sync of your mobile phone contacts / address + any personal info, so you can back up them as and when needed. 

Vodafone, one of the biggest mobile telcos in Europe, had acquired the Zyb.com 






Free overseas calls on Ramadan and Eid

Ramadan-Eid: Free International Calls

Rebtel the popular VoIP provider is celebrating the Muslim's holy month of Islamic calendar: Ramadan / Ramzan or Ramadhan with offering free VoIP international calls for its NEW customers all over the world during Ramadan to Eid.

Rebtel is offering the free 30 minutes in the month of Ramadan Kareem for free VoIP calls to 32 Muslim countries.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Gulf), Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Turkey includes in the list of 32 Muslim countries to call free during the Ramadan with Rebtel VoIP for free.


Virgin Mobile's friends free calls, watch YoYo cool ad

I am sure you will be getting a broad smile after watching this cool funny and naughty Ad (advertisement) by Virgin Mobile India which is for keep calls between friends, free, with Virgin's YoYo Plan. 

Here in this Ad two friends are lying in a hospital in two different rooms, a nurse enters the first friends room and checks up, than the patient's mobile rings up, patient wanna make a fun with nurse and asks her to locate his mobile, the nurse scans the body of the patient coolly but could not find the mobile than she left to the second patient’s room, the first patient than in-between calls that second patient (his friend) that, now it is your turn to make fun with the nurse is now coming to you…but Oops, as not the nurse but a ward boy reaches (instead of a nurse / female body)the second patient for a checkup, now what is the fun...dreams are shattered...?? : (

...so its all about teen age naughty fun and the free calling between friends with Virgin Mobile YoYo plan. 

YoYo also promises to earn by receiving a voice call, the advertisement is nice, thanks to the Virgin mobile India for making us cool and smile : )


Call For Free to Pakistan, UAE, India, Gulf, International

Yes it works to make a free voice call. So call for free anywhere on this Earth world like Germany, Pakistan, UAE, Gulf, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Korea, India, USA, UK, Norway, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa etc. etc... Try it now 

How to use: Learn Here

Make free phone calls to USA & Canada; domestic & international

Free Calls: USA-Canada, Domestic & International

Israel's Parrot Media's POKETALK is the latest and a new free international VoIP calls service in the United States and Canada to say Hello!

This call for free phone service (beta) enables US, Canada, Singapore, Israel, Japan, Germany & UK (landlines) customers to dial free calls from any existing fixed line / landline or cell / mobile phone, to any other telephone, either locally or/ and globally.

Just fill your phone number and also the number you wish to call than Parrot Media's POKETALK will connect you both. This free calling service is supported by sponsored targeted Ads and you have to watch the targeted ads on your PC screen while on the call.

They also have an add-on which can be used to make free calls directly from your Facebook account.

Skype: Free Video Calls at TV, InkSpin1

Ebay's, world famous VoIP brand Skype (internet video telephone) was presented to this world was by Estonians.

Now they are working to make another Skype product (VTV) that will revolutionized the Television and will gift you the free video calls conferencing via your idiot box / LCD TV and is called as InkSpin1 (Ambient Sound Investments).

InkSpin1 is currently being developed in Estonia and China.

BSNL: unlimited free calls to cell phones and land lines

Kolkata: State Owned largest telco of India The BSNL Kolkata (W.B.) circle had launched a free voice call (unlimited) service to its prepaid customers, using a voucher of Rs. 236/- 

The unlimited free calls can be availed in whole of this Kolkata (W.B.) BSNL circle on any one landline BSNL number and any one BSNL mobile number in the circle. The name of this prepaid free unlimited BSNL call scheme is DOSTI (friendship) and currently this is for Kolkata BSNL circle. 

Also the BSNL introduced Dosti SIM card, therefore using this SIM the two users can make free unlimited voice calls in between.

Virgin India's free talktime, SMS and connection offer

Virgin Mobile India is offering many freebies to its users now like free talk time, free SMS facility, free connection prepaid and so on : ) Its 'Bak Bak' offer promises Virgin India Mobile's online customers @ INR100 free voice talktime / free calls! 

Virgin Mobile India is clearly trying to woo and targeting Indian youth / teens which are on the move and love to remain wireless and mobile.

Free VoIP mobile calls, Skype challenged in US, Japan and international arena

With Hong Kong based 28Tel all calls are now local with your mobile phone, international roaming is free, call international with free VoIP Mobile phone solutions. Skype is challenged in US and Japan and internationals are joining soon the free mobile VoIP bandwagon. 

With 28Tel mobile VoIP free calls no software to download and no internet access are required. 

28Tel provides a local number (DID) to map your international calls and thus routed them as free VoIP calls via mobile phones. This service is now available in The USA, Brazil (Brasil), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and China....Europe nations and South America are on the cards! No India and Pakistan, Gulf seems to be here for a while?

28TEL has many good offers like free and cheap direct international dialing, free global roaming, call to free etc. 

Useful Links:


M-Commerce: pay by cell phones; credit cards, debit cards, cash or ID is not needed

Real M-Commerce (mobile payment system a mobile VAS) is here, now pay bills by your mobile phone for any goods, services or merchandise, no need to have a credit card, debit card, bank balance, cash or any ID proofs, just a mobile and pay by it... 

It rocks and works in more than 15 countries. Mobill cash is supported by the 100+ mobile phone carriers like Vodafone, AT&T, Sprint / Nextel etc. 

Mobillcash has a unique free affiliate program, where the blog / site owners or you as an affiliate could earn high revenues just by referring a merchant via your referral link, and when the merchant you referred makes any transaction / sale you will earn on each sale and from each merchant, it is wonderful : ) 

So join for free as a merchant.

Shradha-Kartik : )

Free VoIP conference calling with Twitter friends

Phweet.com gives the Voice to Twitter.com (social network)!

Using Phweet one can Twitter with friends and is able to call free unlimited international voice conference calls / free voice chat sessions with Twitter friends. Phweet connects us with voice calls directly within from the Twitter messages by only clicking a URL.

Actually this is a free phone call within a URL. Phweet can be used to make free call with Twitter group as it supports the browser-to-browser or PC to PC calls, which are having flash embedded voice and the audio quality is moderate.

You have to specify your choice to make a call to which channel like it is a Browser, a SIP ID or the phone number / Mobile Phone, for accepting (or hosting) a Phweet session.

Phweet produces / generates a URL link (similar to a tinyurl), the URL than comes as a Twitter message than the guys can click that URL link to start free voice conversation and can talk for free with each other and a free conference call is started with international friends with no charges at all : )

It sounds wonderful and is very simple too. Say goodbye to international phone numbers, make free VoIP voice calls with friends inviting to them on Twitter with help of Phweet!

It could be used with many like Gizmo5, Nokia, Blackberry, or even on the Apple's iPhone too!

Can you believe that Phweet free VoIP calls were made from the Aircell, airplane (American airline with use of in-flight Wi-Fi, internet broadband provider GOGO), while in-flight and on board, real time voice conversation from air, by a guy to her Twitter friend in the US / Earth, while the VoIP giant Skype’s VoIP calls were blocked from air to call on earth!

Want to know how did she was to able free VoIP voice call in real time from mid air to earth? This is interesting, thanks to the 'Flash' (provided by tringme.com ) based free call (VoIP) solution via Phweet.com and it worked in American airlines too with GoGo Wi-Fi hotspot, Internet in-flight broadband service.

Phweet VoIP calls were possible as of the FLASH (& SIP) based solution but which was not the case with Skype or any other VoIP company that’s why they were blocked in-flight! Phweet uses the TelEvolution platform(means that a VoIP service platform which is controllable via the web services APIs!

O2 Germany Blocks Rebtel VoIP Calls

Swedish, Rebtel, the popular international VoIP cheap international calls provider to the world (Rebtel’s access numbers) is being blocked by Germany's telco O2. Rebtel knows the situation and is working to solve the problem so its German VoIP Calls customer could make cheap / free VoIP calls once again to the world.

O2 Germany

The cheap internet calls (VoIP Calls) is perhaps the reason that German O2 felt perhaps the losses in its revenues and blocked the VoIP Rebtel calls on its network. 

This era is of the Internet and cheap and Free VoIP calls from Rebtel, Jajah, Skype, Fring, Barablu etc are a reality and the telcos have to accept the fact and this could never be stopped, or they would loose their subscribers, the time will tell : )


Airtel to Airtel, GPRS free India calling

Free Airtel GPRS

This website depicts the way to make free Airtel to Airtel voice calls on phones / mobiles using the Airtel GPRS and Bharti Airtel messenger, anywhere in India. 

We Talkfree7 had not tested or tried this hack so you are requested to use the trick at your own risk, if any, we have no relationship or promo associated with this, this is just for the benefit of our esteemed readers’ community. 

To make free local / STD / long distance airtel - airtel calls, you should have: 

1. GPRS enabled Airtel prepaid SIM preferably with low funds (to avoid any accidental loss of funds),

2. GPRS enabled / Java enabled mobile handset (both phones that of caller and the calling party),

3. Use Airtel Live which is free and Airtel Messenger to call for free Airtel - Airtel voice calls in India as depicted in the above linked site.

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