White Space: Wire-Free Internet, Google's Free The Airwaves

Google Inc. initiated a project to Free The Airwaves, is a Google effort to get Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permission for use of unused radio frequency / waves' 'White Space' Spectrum between TV Channels, so the vision / concept of the global / universal wireless internet could be achieved. 

White Space: This is an urge with FCC to allow and open the unused TV channels for the sake of universal wireless broadband and also allow them for the other consumer devices. Three fourth of the white space (unused bandwidth) is completely unused today and that’s why the Google Inc. is caring / making an effort to free it for a global wireless / wire free Internet and other communication vision.

If you wish to support the Google initiative to free the airwaves project you may sign up for the Google's initiative petition here

You may also contact via: [email protected] 

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