Call from WebPhone to Mobile, for Mac-Linux-Windows Users

Raketu Communications Inc. is a pioneering company which specializes in VoIP voice communications and has a list of its clients from 150+ nations around the globe. They specialize in peer-to-peer (P2P) Internet protocol applications which are vital for communications and media information!

Raketu Web Phone: Call cheap from any Internet web browser to mobile / landline, nothing to download, this new Raketu service permits Mac, Linux, and Windows users to make voice call with computer/PC to phone using great and cheap VoIP calls from any internet web browser with any computer, and nothing to download!

This new and useful VoIP cheap international call service has some great calling and very cheap rates like: the flat per month rates like $1.95 for an unlimited package of cheap VoIP calls to many nations and like 1000 free minutes a month to 40+ global countries for less than US$2.

Test 1 Hour Free Phone Calls / Call For Free: RakOut and RakWeb calling (Free Calls To Phones / Free Mobile Call)

Raketu Unlimited Cheap calling plans to its Free Zones.


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