US, Canada Free VoIP Ads Calls promises free 5 minutes long distance calls in US, Canada currently in lieu of hearing short audio Ads (advertisements). The guys you would call never will hear the ads but just you. 

Plumble do need your credit card number or your name. Right now this free calls service in US / Canada is in Beta mode. 

Just dial 818-742-0110 (not toll free) to make a free call in US / Canada (but hold you will may be charged long distance for making a call to this number : ) I am still puzzled that why would I call a long distance phone number just to make an another long distance 'free' call just for 5 minutes? So this may be useful for short free calls and for the areas where 818 is a local phone number : )


'Dusty' from Plumble clarifies on that, 

"The site is really just a test. Calls are set for just 2.5 minutes so we can test the call flow end to end. While the /G page is up, you are free to make a call, but we really don't have it up for end users at the moment. 

When we finally launch, we'll have local numbers across the country which you can use to dial in for free and terminate your call to dozens of countries world wide. 

Calls will be 10 to 20 minutes in max length. We will not be asking for any form of payment or obtrusive demographic info. Unlike other services, we are really free and we respect your privacy. 

Feel free to give the test a try if you are curious. Otherwise, you can keep track of us at for more info on when we are launching. Thank you..." 

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