Skype VoIP Calls: Finland & Israel, Unlimited

Just a quick update from Skype the brand leaders in VoIP technology / cheap to free unlimited VoIP Calls...(PC to PC calls and PC to phone calls).

Unlimited VoIP calls from Skype to Finland and Israel is now the very part of their subscriptions list. Skype had added Finland and Israel too to their unlimited calling club countries.

Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, UAE, Gulf etc.) are waiting eagerly for their turns for cheap unlimited VoIP calls. 

Skype packages are very cheap to call the world and is (Skype to Skype is always free, anywhere and globally): 

USD5.95 a month: Unlimited calls (any time) to landlines FOR ANY SPECIFIC COUNTRY you may choose to call with Skype VoIP. Skype to Skype is always free all over the world.

USD12.95 a month: Unlimited calls (any time) to landlines of 36 countries, worldwide with Skype VoIP calling. Skype to Skype is free internationally.

Skype Video Calls (Free Unlimited Skype to Skype):

High quality Video calls are free globally Sype to Skype you just need a webcam, PC / laptop and an Internet connection (broadband / Wi-Max). 

Than start and say hello and feel the senses of your family and friends with unlimited free Video calls (Skype to Skype). You may also build more useful biz relations with your worldwide clients as video calls are more personal than a voice calls. 

Skype recommends a Logitech high quality webcam to make much sharper picture quality to view and have fun live on your laptop's / PC screen. 

Skype's free video call works with following O.S.: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. 

Talkfree7 : )

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Alok R. Saboo said...

Well if more countries keep joining the VoIP bandwagon, there will be increased pressure on Asian countries to join :)

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