Phone mapping technology for making cheap abroad calls

Innovative Phone Mapping Technology and make Low Cost International Calls:

Avail 10 free test minutes to call internationally. 

They gives you a free permanent local number to call globally for cheap for each international number (they say it as mapping to local numbers). Just store the local number of family, friends and businesses in your address book than call them directly, the above site will connect their mobile / land line with you and they could be anywhere in the world. 

Your telecom carrier will charge the local call for you + you would be charged by the for making cheap international calls at the prescribed cheap rates. 

Phone mapping is a very useful and convenient feature for the mobile users so they can store the desired local number in the cell address book to call internationally cheap and at any time. 

Thus this gives you a clear voice quality while allowing the cheap international calls. No hassles of troubled Calling Cards where one has to enter the PIN etc and also to punch in phone numbers. 

Dialsimple allows to send unlimited FREE Voice Messages anywhere from your phone.

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