Nokia N96 & iPhone 3G + Mobile VoIP? Compare The Best Deal?

Nokia N96 versus Apple's iPhone 3G: Smart Comparison between Two smart Gadgets:

Lots of buzz going over the slow and lazy iPhone 3G picking up after its launch India, there are few takers of iPhone in India unlike the long overnight crazy queues in the western part of this Globe! 

Pricing is too high (approx. USD800) with no contractual obligations and 3G network still is a dream in India, than is Apple 3G iPhone is worth buying or one should wait for the prices to fall? 

Well, decide and compare yourself between Nokia's (iPhone Killer) smart N96 (high speed, 3G HSDPA) device and iPhone 3G itself:

Nokia Turning Back To VoIP Calls Feature in its N-Series smart Mobiles? has a very interesting article that why Nokia N-Series Mobiles are turning back to VoIP call feature (Nokia new N78 is not the VoIP call compitable)?

But one thing which is very useful, as I think in Nokia N96 smart phone is, that the Nokia N96 has a mobile TV within and also support the VIDEO CALL feature from using the front side VGA camera (3G networks would support this feature). I would like to web cast with video calls LIVE as they come handy to me : ) But if Nokia N96 would not support the VoIP calling feature (Fring, Barablu, Tru Phone, Gizmo Project's etc compatibility)than I have to rethink? Options are open and fingers are crossed...


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