Nokia E66, E71, Dilbert Promo Ad: Wonderful Worth Seeing

NOKIA is a small place in Finland and supplies one of the most smart, advanced and popular mobile handsets to the world : )

…After the much popular Nokia N series mobiles now Finnish handset giant Nokia seems to promoting its E series mobiles (better known as Nokia's, Business cell phones). 

Nokia had started a wonderful Ad campaign on Google Adsense (Ads by Google) for its E-Series cell phones, as we know Nokia has a strong base in Asia and especially in Indian subcontinent like India, Pakistan etc, hence they need to focus their premium handsets in the growing fierce competition here with RIM's Blackberry and just to be launched Apple's iPhone 3G!

In the above featured Nokia Ad, Nokia's virtual character, Dilbert's Gang is inviting you to take your fun personality test / tour, are you ready for it, than give it a try. After registering a short form you will be taken into a clean sordid and a beautiful virtual colored office for a fun quiz, after all its Nokia and promoting their brands business Nokia E66 and Nokia E71 (QWERTY Keyboard) products in a most innovative fashion. 


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