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Mobile Phone Uses For Travelers & Backpackers

The world famous Australia based Lonely Planet Tourists' travel destinations guides / content are now available on Nokia Maps. Nokia with Lonely Planet had tied up to make a distribution of the Lonely Planet content with Nokia Maps!

This would benefit a lot to the backpackers / tourists visiting international travel exotic destinations and they could buy / download over the air the Lonely Planet City / Country guides while on the move via Nokia Maps. Also it could be downloaded on PC / laptop with a Nokia Map Loader, if available on a PC.

Lonely Planet is one of my most favourite travel guides, this is so accurate and covers very minutely the country details that even the locals of that country came to know only after reading the Lonely Planet Travel Guides : )

Nokia Maps is a free Nokia tool for selected handset mobile models / PDAs and it allows download maps, thus making easy to find locations / places where you need to go or wish to view them.

Cheers : )


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Gurpreet Singh said...

I Will Try This Soon On My Nokia

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