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JAJAH.Babel Handheld Real Time Translator: English - Chinese Mandarin (and vice versa) voice translation service (A Jajah and IBM joint collaboration).

Beijing (China) Olympic Games 2008 are at swing and the Jajah, the leader in VoIP cheap international phone calls technology had launched an innovative voice translation service from English to Chinese Mandarin (and vice versa) in real time for spoken words and sentences.

People says (Chinese guy who did tested this voice translation) that it is surprisingly a nice service and translates well from English to Chinese Mandarin. 

This translation service works on speech detection, you have to dial a free phone number and to speak voice the desired text, than press # than you can hand over the phone to the desired person to whom you need to convey the translated message, you can open the speaker though. 

This is a great phone feature if you are in China for business trip or for watching and enjoying the Beijing Olympic Games. You can be confident there that your message can be conveyed in local Chinese Mandarin dialect to the local guys there, as we know in China there could be some problems with the English dialect / language. 

The million dollar thing is that this service is free to use. Thanks to Jajah (the VoIP guys) and IBM.

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