Cheap unlimited VoIP calls in India

Dial long distance STD calls for paise only 0.40-0.50 anywhere in India now, talk from your computer to mobiles / fixed phone / land lines, do free video calls / conferencing and that all things, thanks to the TRAI-India who freed the net telephony now in India (government of India approval is in the wait) which allows you to make legal the VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) calls in India too like anywhere in the world from net to phones. 

Now you can talk unlimited cheap long distance VoIP calls, Video Calls, Call conferencing etc all like Skype (leader of VoIP Calls globally), this the beginning of the cheap and than free internet 
(VoIP / IP) calls in India. 

Voice protocol transmission via internet is permitted PC to PC and also PC to phone internationally, and now this TRAI-India move allows voice transmission protocol over internet for PC to phone in India too, this will surely beneficial for the Indian rural telecom sector and also the BPO industry and Nasscom also do agree with this. 

Though the GSM operators lobby in India may be slightly unhappy with this opening of VoIP cheap calling in India but this is cheering news for ISPs in India. This is certain now that the fibre linked / broadband would be cheaper in India by this move.

Recently Mumbai, Delhi based MTNL too had started its own VoIP and IP, TV services. 

Technological convergence in India is now at full swing and there is no looking back, 3G and Wi-Max are coming, iPhone Apple 3G is coming too and soon the days would be there when Indians would usher into the high speed wireless cheap mobile broadband on the move and the cheap VoIP telephony and could use high speed data travelling from their mobile handsets. There is need for more and more secured Wi-Fi hotspots in the country though! 


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