In-Flight Airline Wi-Fi Internet TV For Passengers

Wi-Fi TV Inc. is bringing its Wi-Fi TV having 500+ TV channels to Airline Passengers and thus making it Wi-Fi TV as a Wi-Fi Internet TV for Airlines'

Wi-Fi TV is perhaps the only virtual location on WWW, here one can enjoy many TV stations and may also make a chat session while enjoying the program within a live chat box, displayed below viewing screen. They also can add / download a free internet dial er for phone calls / live video parties and that’s all in all in a one single Site! 

Now in-flight broadband internet on board is a reality and the Airlines are luring to their passengers with more and more online things and Wi-Fi in-flight TV for airline passengers is the latest addenda in this very series, for the first time now the net TV can be watched in many airplanes / flights. 

The American Airlines passengers can now enjoy the Wi-FI Internet TV on board while traveling in the air as American Airlines has a Wi-Fi access on few of its flights. 

Thanks to Gogo: an in-flight Internet access service with Wi-Fi hotspot in the air!


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