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'They' say this as a Killer VoIP start up for the users in the North America! Arzoola is a new way to communicate with friends and is a VoIP communication social networking tool where one can make / receive absolutely free calls without actually revealing the phone numbers : ) 

Arzoola is a VoIP voice to the world of free social networking. Actually this is a 'Call Me' type of calling button you might have noticed on the various Blogs /Websites. 

What you have to receive free calls, without revealing your phone numbers is: go to the above site, enter the phone number, zip etc and the time period that for how many days you wanna receive free calls etc, than take the HTML / Java code from there, paste it to your Blog / Website and Voila, now anybody can click to call you without knowing your phone number. 

This uses the business grade carriers of VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) calls which are the latest in demand cheap calls technology, and gaining its roots day by day, in VoIP Calls can be made very cheap via PC to Phone, PC to PC etc. Skype is the brand leader in VoIP technology. 

This free call button tool is especially designed for Craigslist and Facebook users but can be used on any Blog, My Space or Site, where than you can put that li'll HTML code : ) and where you may wish to receive free calls for a limited time period with maintaining your privacy and without exposing your actual phone number. 


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