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Free International calls via PC to Phone over VoIP protocol is the future of cheap and unlimited telephony. Skype is the leader and many many numerous VoIP companies too offer the same free unlimited calls over the net using VoIP protocol.

Evaphone too offers free unlimited Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) / Internet telephony free international calls. 

Destinations / Nations to make free international calls (mobile / land line):

How to use Evaphone:

EVAPHONE is an Ad based free online application and it allows to make unlimited international PC-to-phone calls using a web browser only, no registration no SIP phone etc download and you are ready to make free VoIP international / global calls using PC to phone to more than 40 countries..

One thing, before making your call Evaphone plays a small Ad / short promo video, after it your call is ready, after all they cover their expenses by Ad revenue, so this VoIP call is Ad sponsored. 

The call time duration and the total number of free calls are limited in time value and per IP address, like for US, UK or India, Pakistan, free VoIP minutes could differ and also the frequency of free calling, but still it’s a service that could be used to make totally free VoIP Calls.

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