Turn your PC into a virtual VoIP cell phone

Skuku is an Israeli firm (EIM Telecom) which has an innovative telecom product to offer. They have a unique mobile soft phone built on a memory stick, "Skuku Stick". 

Skuku is a new concept that allows the use of 2.0 USB adapter / modem, thus you can put your cell phone’s SIM card into the Skuku stick and thus your PC / Laptop becomes a virtual VoIP mobile phone and you can call or IM the world at local rates with your laptop / PC! Cut the international roaming significantly. 

…As you are using your own home land SIM card, that’s why you will have always yours own same phone # with your personal phone address book and all the other features too. 

OK, let’s try to be clearer to understand this very innovative and interesting subject. Simply Skuku is a concept where one can turn his PC / Laptop into a cell / mobile phone and thus can save a lots on the international / overseas roaming and can make international calling cheap on roaming calls.

Skuku is able to blend your existing SIM card's mobile's GSM technology with the power of Internet IP / VoIP and thus reduce the global roaming costs, drastically.

Skuku works on the concept of SIP softphone software and thus one can receive / dial calls & SMS / Text from PC. When you again need your mobile, just pull your SIM out of Skuku stick and put it again in your cell phone like ever : ) 

Skuku to Skuku local / overseas / international calls are always free. But to start a Skuku account you need to have minimum balance of USD10 and the Skuku stick comes for USD15. 

Skuku is a wonderful solution to make cheap international roaming when you travel across the nations for a time and you wish to cut the international roaming, just use your laptop, Skuku stick and existing SIM from your mobile : ) when you need your mobile just pull your SIM out of Skuku and insert it again in mobile, it simple. 

But Skuku cuts international roaming, not your jet lag, ha ha : )

Skuku team elaborates: currently Skuku is available only to the Israel SIM card holders globally and new countries are coming soon here, and they have the plans to offer Skuku to US guys (GSM: US SIM Cards) by November 2008. 

India too is sure to witness the release of Skuku soft VoIP, USB-SIM phone after the US / UK launch. heers : )

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