Free Conference Calls from US to Israel cell or land line; free VoIP calling

Free calls: From USA to Israel, Mexico, UK, France and Germany

Web2.0 Free IP (Internet) Phone Calls + Social Networking: 

A start up with currently a low Alexa traffic count! This is an ads supported free mobile / landline calls service which connects you with social networks too. It works like a free calling card and here the voicemail and call / tele-conferencing too are FREE. Even no credit cards are required.

How Ringplus is able to provide free calls / conference calls: from USA to Israel, Mexico, UK, France and Germany

Well, when you call / dial somebody you normally hear the beep ringing to connect you with the desired guy, and many telecom companies replace that ringing beep tone with some sound / music, that one can choose for a cost, but here Ringplus instead replaced that beep with the advertisements! and offers free international calls to its US customers in lieu of hearing the 5-6 second descent family friendly Ads. 

Talkfree7 : )


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