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Free Internet (PC to PC) Voice Calls (VoIP Call) / Chat / IM via email, No Downloads! 

Free To Call with Email IDs, Not Phone Numbers With Yoomba

If you do lots of e-mails a day and ever wished that you may connect to the receiver of the mail instantly via VoIP free call or could instantly chat without loading / downloading any software, than it is for you! What they do is instantly connect the worldwide people into a seamless communication environment: ) Yoomba is an Israeli company and has offices in Tel Aviv-Israel, San Francisco, California, US. 

No new mail ID or new phone number is required, just register to Yoomba and start calling free VoIP calls with your online contacts internationally at a single press of a button. This is a new communication tool-technique which is changing the world by allowing making unlimited free call via email. It's P2P (Peer To Peer) application and technology blends with email networks and thus the email address becomes a virtual phone / instant messenger and one can use his email to make free to call the world. 

If the receiver of the email on the other end does not have this software than they will get the email directed towards this software download! It is compatible with all major emails like Yahoo Mail, GMail, Hotmail etc and also could be get integrated with the Windows email application softwares like: Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. 

Again please do not compare anything or Yoomba with Skype / Meebo etc as this is the technology which makes a difference, every body has a right to live its own : ) 

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