Bebo Call: Free-Texts-Picture Messages to Aliens

'A Message From Earth': A Bebo / RDF Digital Life Project: Internet / Digital Age on Earth Connects with the unknown possible Aliens residing somewhere in the deep dark galaxies! 

Star Track: Did you ever tried the phone calls, SMS / Text / Image Message to an Alien sitting and wishing to contact you in deep space / UFO (unidentified flying object), above the Blues? Oh, you do not believe in Aliens or perhaps do not have the mobile / phone lines that may connect you for free with an ALIEN FRIEND somewhere living IN THE SPACE / in to an unknown destination. 

Well Talkfree7 will help the guys who wish to connect and wish to call friendly Aliens in the Milky way, if they really exist? 

The popular social networking site Bebo in association with RDF Digital life will crate a TIME CAPSULE where its users can send the personal texts / messages to the planet where (if any) life exists and there live any Aliens? 

Bebo will call / transmit messages to these unknown Aliens’ 120 trillion miles away into deep black space to a planet known as: Gliese 581C, believed to be a similar planet that like Earth and may be the Aliens lives there?! 

The best 500 selected personal messages will be beamed to the unknown space to the possible aliens (living a second life somewhere in the solar system), last date to submit / calling / messaging is: 30 September 2008. 

Best selected messages will be broadcast by Ukraine's National Space Agency's Radar telescope RT-70 on 9th October and perhaps will reach the galaxy only by the year 2029 : ) 

The select 500 best messages from Earth will travel in time capsule with the light speed / light year speed and will pass the moon in 1.7 seconds and will leave our solar system to he space in only 7 hours. 

But you should not expect an early reply as the messages may hit not early than year 2029 there and you will add more 21 years in your life by than, but it is quite interesting a project to be, be the par of the history in the making : ) 


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