Apple iPhone Girl is now Internet's Hot Celebrity

Next time when / if you have to buy the Apple's iPhone than you too could be a STAR-Celebrity and can taste the sweet taste of worldwide fame! 

When a UK guy (markm49uk) unsealed his brand new Apple iPhone and browsed it, he did found the photos / pictures / snaps of a mystery Chinese sweet (appears to be) teen / 16 girl in it, he posted / uploaded the nice girls' snaps into a site / blog online ( and the young woman is fortunate (if not in Fortune 500) enough and is now a hot star / internet celebrity all over the world, people from many nations are eager to have a glimpse of her cute smiley cheeky / face and innocent eyes. 

Just to remind that a Taiwanese telecom products company Foxconn has the right to assemble Apple iPhones in southern China, and that the 
girl is real and would not be fired from her job, confirmed by Foxconn, they told the photos on iPhone were the 'Test Photo' which were left "accidentally" / mistakenly on the Apple iPhone handset while testing the iPhone camera, and could not be deleted before the final packaging of the product. 

Thanks to the Apple iPhone and iTunes, this is latest and the 'newest feature' / VAS of Apple iPhone 3G that it could make anyone an overnight star and you can taste the international stardom! 

"Hitch your wagon to a star..."

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