Apple iPhone 3G India Airtel: 23 August 2008 Coming and Indian News Agency, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported that Apple's iPhone 3G version (touch screen , in built GPS, iPod embedded etc handset) by Airtel is coming to India at the stroke of the midnight August 21st. 

August 22nd, 2008 onwards, You may buy yours iPhone all over India via various Airtel's Relationship Centres.

August 15th is the Independence day of India, celebrate it with more joy awaiting official iphone 3G launch in India. Nothing to unlock now, its grounding officially in INDIA, the country of Taj Mahal. 

Essar Vodafone the iPhone vendor in India will launch this gizmo before Bharti Airtel and that on August 18th, 2008. There pricing is yet to be disclosed. 

Airtel iPhone 3G pricing too is yet a mystery (but 'sources' revealed that it would be around approximately INR 24,000 = US$ 600), the wonder gadget / cult of the century is the craziest thing on this Earth, after iPod, it is making the ripples in the US / Europe’s high tech mobile segments. 

Rumours are also coming that Apple Incorporation is making the preparations to worldwide launch the newest version of Apple iPhone by this Christmas, maybe called as “iPhone Nano”!

But as far as the case of India, Talkfree7 is concerned that it may make a bridge between high end segment of Indians and the large middle class here, as iPhone is much more popular than RIM's Blackberry handsets so we have yet to see how would be the Indian reaction to this little 3G Touch cute device, The iPhone : ) But this is sure Blackberry will face the another stiff competition from her newest Indian rival, just after the long tussle of words and action with the government of India.

Indian Government recently had pronounced the 3G / Wi-Max terms for spectrum allocation and licensing, foreign players are too invited, in these all recent happenings iPhone would be a HAPPY gizmo, but ONLY for those who can afford this : ( 

Apple iPhone 3G = Neighbours’ Envy, Owners’ Pride? 

Cheers : )


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