VoIP free calling on American Airline planes

American Airlines: VoIP, Free Call

This is an interesting piece of an article showing how these guys managed to make free VoIP Voice Call over the air while in the airplane in the mid High Sky, above the Blues!

This is a true story: How they got connected by VoIP free voice call to.....SightSpeed on Aircell equipped American Airlines flight to New York Aircell via Phweet in a real voice free VoIP conversation in the mid air that too while flying in a plane.

The guy in the plane was having her Lenovo x200 laptop to get connected Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi service on the board of an American Airlines from San Fransisco to New York’s JFK,

The simple logic to make a VoIP call free in the mid air on board is: The Flash audio is self embedded within the Flash, If and until the Aircell blocks all the Flash traffic, you can always call for free VoIP way using Gogo, Phweet and thanks to the Aircell the ultimate American flying machine! Use it properly and cautiously in the mid air on board!

Simply means that with phweet.com one can call for free (voice to voice) with VoIP or can make free conference VoIP calls, over the air in the plane with internet wi-fi hot spot, you just need a flash browser to call browser to browser as flash audio is self embedded within the Flash and until your airplane internet provider blocks it like ordinary VoIP voice call, you can use it to make real unlimited free to call over the air in the flight!

Why Not Skype Voice VoIP Calls in the Air:

...and I was wondering that if this way free call / VoIP calling over the American flights equipped with GOGO in flight internet service could work, than why not the Skype VoIP free call etc work? but my query had been answered by smart lady who was calling free VoIP on board, she says here, that at 7:25 pm she tried Skype voice call too but the VoIP call over the air was dropped after few seconds, clearly VoIP / Skype voice calls over the air in-flight were blocked (perhaps due to that it could annoy the fellow passengers) but Skype chat was working like any other online thingy...the smart young lady also tried free videos VoIP Call over the air with sightspeed.com but that too get blocked like Skype VoIP voice call in the mid air, than this tech smart lady tried to enter the free VoIP call in the air via back doors and thought of a Flash based free call solution via Phweet.com (just use it via login your Twitter), could you believe that it worked wonder to call free VoIP over the air without any blocks etc, yeah it worked... yahooooooooo : )

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