3G - Wi-Max - Wi-Fi: Qualcomm-Nokia Gadgets


The above featured news gives the wireless Indians the most awaited happy news that after the announcement of 3G / Wi-Max spectrum opening in India, which invites the foreign players too, India is soon going to be a hub for cheap and affordable fast speed 3G / Wi-Max gadgets, portable laptops and hand held devices on which one can cheer the high speed wireless broadband internet in India. Soon there WILL be lots of Wi-Fi Hot spots in India and India will really a tech power in our coming recent years. 

Apple's iPhone (3G) is being in launch preparations in India by both the Essar-Vodafone and Bharti Airtel this month by 18th August and Sep 1 respectively. 

With the advent of Apple's iPhone 3G the wireless high speed data market will be hot in India as BSNL already started selling its one of 3G services in Bangalore etc called: EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized) and BSNL is all set to roll out its Wi-Max network in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Mid August 2008. 

To take the advantage of 3G / Wi-Max India now the mobile handsets, PDAs and gadgets makers like Qualcomm, Nokia etc are eyeing the India by providing the economical versions to surf the 3G / WiMax networks smooth, effectively and on handheld mobile phones and gadgets like cheap laptop etc. 

Qualcomm (US based CDMA set pioneering company) is making for Indians smart mobile phones around Rs 10,000 (USD 250) which could support 3G / WiMax and a laptop like cheap tech device which could surf internet by way of wireless with 3G / WiMax compatibility for approx Rs 8000 (USD200). Also Qualcomm is doing for a Rs 4000 (US$100) USB port that could be tucked with laptops / PCs etc to enjoy the wireless high speed mobile data internet using 3G/ Wimax etc. Qualcomm is already in talks, so the Indian mobile operators may launch bundled offer with branded WiMax / 3G mobile handsets in India. 

Soon more players like Essar Vodafone (Hutch), Virgin Mobile and many more would emerge to the Indian 3G / Wi-Max, Wi-Fi scene, we are waiting : ) We are in the wireless world and are free of wires : ) 

(Now!)Man is born free and everywhere he is (NOT) in the chains! 

Talkfree7 : )

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