Apple iPhone Girl is now Internet's Hot Celebrity

Next time when / if you have to buy the Apple's iPhone than you too could be a STAR-Celebrity and can taste the sweet taste of worldwide fame! 

When a UK guy (markm49uk) unsealed his brand new Apple iPhone and browsed it, he did found the photos / pictures / snaps of a mystery Chinese sweet (appears to be) teen / 16 girl in it, he posted / uploaded the nice girls' snaps into a site / blog online ( and the young woman is fortunate (if not in Fortune 500) enough and is now a hot star / internet celebrity all over the world, people from many nations are eager to have a glimpse of her cute smiley cheeky / face and innocent eyes. 

Just to remind that a Taiwanese telecom products company Foxconn has the right to assemble Apple iPhones in southern China, and that the 
girl is real and would not be fired from her job, confirmed by Foxconn, they told the photos on iPhone were the 'Test Photo' which were left "accidentally" / mistakenly on the Apple iPhone handset while testing the iPhone camera, and could not be deleted before the final packaging of the product. 

Thanks to the Apple iPhone and iTunes, this is latest and the 'newest feature' / VAS of Apple iPhone 3G that it could make anyone an overnight star and you can taste the international stardom! 

"Hitch your wagon to a star..."

Turn your PC into a virtual VoIP cell phone

Skuku is an Israeli firm (EIM Telecom) which has an innovative telecom product to offer. They have a unique mobile soft phone built on a memory stick, "Skuku Stick". 

Skuku is a new concept that allows the use of 2.0 USB adapter / modem, thus you can put your cell phone’s SIM card into the Skuku stick and thus your PC / Laptop becomes a virtual VoIP mobile phone and you can call or IM the world at local rates with your laptop / PC! Cut the international roaming significantly. 

…As you are using your own home land SIM card, that’s why you will have always yours own same phone # with your personal phone address book and all the other features too. 

OK, let’s try to be clearer to understand this very innovative and interesting subject. Simply Skuku is a concept where one can turn his PC / Laptop into a cell / mobile phone and thus can save a lots on the international / overseas roaming and can make international calling cheap on roaming calls.

Skuku is able to blend your existing SIM card's mobile's GSM technology with the power of Internet IP / VoIP and thus reduce the global roaming costs, drastically.

Skuku works on the concept of SIP softphone software and thus one can receive / dial calls & SMS / Text from PC. When you again need your mobile, just pull your SIM out of Skuku stick and put it again in your cell phone like ever : ) 

Skuku to Skuku local / overseas / international calls are always free. But to start a Skuku account you need to have minimum balance of USD10 and the Skuku stick comes for USD15. 

Skuku is a wonderful solution to make cheap international roaming when you travel across the nations for a time and you wish to cut the international roaming, just use your laptop, Skuku stick and existing SIM from your mobile : ) when you need your mobile just pull your SIM out of Skuku and insert it again in mobile, it simple. 

But Skuku cuts international roaming, not your jet lag, ha ha : )

Skuku team elaborates: currently Skuku is available only to the Israel SIM card holders globally and new countries are coming soon here, and they have the plans to offer Skuku to US guys (GSM: US SIM Cards) by November 2008. 

India too is sure to witness the release of Skuku soft VoIP, USB-SIM phone after the US / UK launch. heers : )

In-Flight Airline Wi-Fi Internet TV For Passengers

Wi-Fi TV Inc. is bringing its Wi-Fi TV having 500+ TV channels to Airline Passengers and thus making it Wi-Fi TV as a Wi-Fi Internet TV for Airlines'

Wi-Fi TV is perhaps the only virtual location on WWW, here one can enjoy many TV stations and may also make a chat session while enjoying the program within a live chat box, displayed below viewing screen. They also can add / download a free internet dial er for phone calls / live video parties and that’s all in all in a one single Site! 

Now in-flight broadband internet on board is a reality and the Airlines are luring to their passengers with more and more online things and Wi-Fi in-flight TV for airline passengers is the latest addenda in this very series, for the first time now the net TV can be watched in many airplanes / flights. 

The American Airlines passengers can now enjoy the Wi-FI Internet TV on board while traveling in the air as American Airlines has a Wi-Fi access on few of its flights. 

Thanks to Gogo: an in-flight Internet access service with Wi-Fi hotspot in the air!


Free Prank Phone Call: Automated Call Back Service

Free Prank Phone Call: Automated Call Back Service

wished to make some free prank phone call fun? Than this is for you. These support international phones to make free prank phone calls to annoy and have fun with friends etc. They have an automated system to call back / remind the date and time that you may pre-set to make a free international prank call.

Understand that your phone number (caller ID) is not hidden / anonymous here and would be spelled after the end of the each free prank call as the policy of this site. You may even add and record your own voice recording here to make fun : )

Nokia N96 & iPhone 3G + Mobile VoIP? Compare The Best Deal?

Nokia N96 versus Apple's iPhone 3G: Smart Comparison between Two smart Gadgets:

Lots of buzz going over the slow and lazy iPhone 3G picking up after its launch India, there are few takers of iPhone in India unlike the long overnight crazy queues in the western part of this Globe! 

Pricing is too high (approx. USD800) with no contractual obligations and 3G network still is a dream in India, than is Apple 3G iPhone is worth buying or one should wait for the prices to fall? 

Well, decide and compare yourself between Nokia's (iPhone Killer) smart N96 (high speed, 3G HSDPA) device and iPhone 3G itself:

Nokia Turning Back To VoIP Calls Feature in its N-Series smart Mobiles? has a very interesting article that why Nokia N-Series Mobiles are turning back to VoIP call feature (Nokia new N78 is not the VoIP call compitable)?

But one thing which is very useful, as I think in Nokia N96 smart phone is, that the Nokia N96 has a mobile TV within and also support the VIDEO CALL feature from using the front side VGA camera (3G networks would support this feature). I would like to web cast with video calls LIVE as they come handy to me : ) But if Nokia N96 would not support the VoIP calling feature (Fring, Barablu, Tru Phone, Gizmo Project's etc compatibility)than I have to rethink? Options are open and fingers are crossed...


Make VoIP calls and IM with an Email

Free Internet (PC to PC) Voice Calls (VoIP Call) / Chat / IM via email, No Downloads! 

Free To Call with Email IDs, Not Phone Numbers With Yoomba

If you do lots of e-mails a day and ever wished that you may connect to the receiver of the mail instantly via VoIP free call or could instantly chat without loading / downloading any software, than it is for you! What they do is instantly connect the worldwide people into a seamless communication environment: ) Yoomba is an Israeli company and has offices in Tel Aviv-Israel, San Francisco, California, US. 

No new mail ID or new phone number is required, just register to Yoomba and start calling free VoIP calls with your online contacts internationally at a single press of a button. This is a new communication tool-technique which is changing the world by allowing making unlimited free call via email. It's P2P (Peer To Peer) application and technology blends with email networks and thus the email address becomes a virtual phone / instant messenger and one can use his email to make free to call the world. 

If the receiver of the email on the other end does not have this software than they will get the email directed towards this software download! It is compatible with all major emails like Yahoo Mail, GMail, Hotmail etc and also could be get integrated with the Windows email application softwares like: Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. 

Again please do not compare anything or Yoomba with Skype / Meebo etc as this is the technology which makes a difference, every body has a right to live its own : ) 

Call from WebPhone to Mobile, for Mac-Linux-Windows Users

Raketu Communications Inc. is a pioneering company which specializes in VoIP voice communications and has a list of its clients from 150+ nations around the globe. They specialize in peer-to-peer (P2P) Internet protocol applications which are vital for communications and media information!

Raketu Web Phone: Call cheap from any Internet web browser to mobile / landline, nothing to download, this new Raketu service permits Mac, Linux, and Windows users to make voice call with computer/PC to phone using great and cheap VoIP calls from any internet web browser with any computer, and nothing to download!

This new and useful VoIP cheap international call service has some great calling and very cheap rates like: the flat per month rates like $1.95 for an unlimited package of cheap VoIP calls to many nations and like 1000 free minutes a month to 40+ global countries for less than US$2.

Test 1 Hour Free Phone Calls / Call For Free: RakOut and RakWeb calling (Free Calls To Phones / Free Mobile Call)

Raketu Unlimited Cheap calling plans to its Free Zones.


Stream Free Videos Call Communication

Snapyap Internet Free Videos Phone Conferencing / Calling:

A killer start up free-to-call company: Snapyap, they offers browser to browser or PC to PC free instant streaming international unlimited video call / Free video emails/ video messaging. No software or nothing to download, just register free and start making free videos call anywhere and to anyone!

It is a free online video communication calling tool and it allows anyone to participate in a live streaming video call, all over the world : ) What you need just a laptop / PC, a web cam and an internet connection (broadband is recommended). 

It is a start up so it perhaps should never be compared to VoIP online brand leaders like SKYPE etc who has a large loyal base of millions of online users each second. They have some different features from VoIP Skype like free video emails, just record and make free send!

The recipients of the Snapyap video emails need not be the registered member of this site to open and watch / listen the free videos mail. 

VoIP free calling on American Airline planes

American Airlines: VoIP, Free Call

This is an interesting piece of an article showing how these guys managed to make free VoIP Voice Call over the air while in the airplane in the mid High Sky, above the Blues!

This is a true story: How they got connected by VoIP free voice call to.....SightSpeed on Aircell equipped American Airlines flight to New York Aircell via Phweet in a real voice free VoIP conversation in the mid air that too while flying in a plane.

The guy in the plane was having her Lenovo x200 laptop to get connected Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi service on the board of an American Airlines from San Fransisco to New York’s JFK,

The simple logic to make a VoIP call free in the mid air on board is: The Flash audio is self embedded within the Flash, If and until the Aircell blocks all the Flash traffic, you can always call for free VoIP way using Gogo, Phweet and thanks to the Aircell the ultimate American flying machine! Use it properly and cautiously in the mid air on board!

Simply means that with one can call for free (voice to voice) with VoIP or can make free conference VoIP calls, over the air in the plane with internet wi-fi hot spot, you just need a flash browser to call browser to browser as flash audio is self embedded within the Flash and until your airplane internet provider blocks it like ordinary VoIP voice call, you can use it to make real unlimited free to call over the air in the flight!

Why Not Skype Voice VoIP Calls in the Air:

...and I was wondering that if this way free call / VoIP calling over the American flights equipped with GOGO in flight internet service could work, than why not the Skype VoIP free call etc work? but my query had been answered by smart lady who was calling free VoIP on board, she says here, that at 7:25 pm she tried Skype voice call too but the VoIP call over the air was dropped after few seconds, clearly VoIP / Skype voice calls over the air in-flight were blocked (perhaps due to that it could annoy the fellow passengers) but Skype chat was working like any other online thingy...the smart young lady also tried free videos VoIP Call over the air with but that too get blocked like Skype VoIP voice call in the mid air, than this tech smart lady tried to enter the free VoIP call in the air via back doors and thought of a Flash based free call solution via (just use it via login your Twitter), could you believe that it worked wonder to call free VoIP over the air without any blocks etc, yeah it worked... yahooooooooo : )

White Space: Wire-Free Internet, Google's Free The Airwaves

Google Inc. initiated a project to Free The Airwaves, is a Google effort to get Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permission for use of unused radio frequency / waves' 'White Space' Spectrum between TV Channels, so the vision / concept of the global / universal wireless internet could be achieved. 

White Space: This is an urge with FCC to allow and open the unused TV channels for the sake of universal wireless broadband and also allow them for the other consumer devices. Three fourth of the white space (unused bandwidth) is completely unused today and that’s why the Google Inc. is caring / making an effort to free it for a global wireless / wire free Internet and other communication vision.

If you wish to support the Google initiative to free the airwaves project you may sign up for the Google's initiative petition here

You may also contact via: [email protected] 

Chunky / Fairy : )

Intel-Yahoo Internet Apps for TV

Yahoo! ... and they always say, "Intel Inside"! 

BBC News reports that computer processor chip maker Intel with online leading portal Yahoo will bring a Widget Channel which would let enable the viewers to e-mailing, trade equities / stocks / shares and also would allow checking the weather online, Sports, photo-sharing website Flickr etc. while viewing the TV programmes.

This Internet TV (Interactive TV) service will run with Intel chips inside. Net and TV are going to be tied in a nuptial knot by this Intel-Yahoo efforts. 

Get Lonely Planet Guides on Nokia Maps

Mobile Phone Uses For Travelers & Backpackers

The world famous Australia based Lonely Planet Tourists' travel destinations guides / content are now available on Nokia Maps. Nokia with Lonely Planet had tied up to make a distribution of the Lonely Planet content with Nokia Maps!

This would benefit a lot to the backpackers / tourists visiting international travel exotic destinations and they could buy / download over the air the Lonely Planet City / Country guides while on the move via Nokia Maps. Also it could be downloaded on PC / laptop with a Nokia Map Loader, if available on a PC.

Lonely Planet is one of my most favourite travel guides, this is so accurate and covers very minutely the country details that even the locals of that country came to know only after reading the Lonely Planet Travel Guides : )

Nokia Maps is a free Nokia tool for selected handset mobile models / PDAs and it allows download maps, thus making easy to find locations / places where you need to go or wish to view them.

Cheers : )


Cheap unlimited VoIP calls in India

Dial long distance STD calls for paise only 0.40-0.50 anywhere in India now, talk from your computer to mobiles / fixed phone / land lines, do free video calls / conferencing and that all things, thanks to the TRAI-India who freed the net telephony now in India (government of India approval is in the wait) which allows you to make legal the VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) calls in India too like anywhere in the world from net to phones. 

Now you can talk unlimited cheap long distance VoIP calls, Video Calls, Call conferencing etc all like Skype (leader of VoIP Calls globally), this the beginning of the cheap and than free internet 
(VoIP / IP) calls in India. 

Voice protocol transmission via internet is permitted PC to PC and also PC to phone internationally, and now this TRAI-India move allows voice transmission protocol over internet for PC to phone in India too, this will surely beneficial for the Indian rural telecom sector and also the BPO industry and Nasscom also do agree with this. 

Though the GSM operators lobby in India may be slightly unhappy with this opening of VoIP cheap calling in India but this is cheering news for ISPs in India. This is certain now that the fibre linked / broadband would be cheaper in India by this move.

Recently Mumbai, Delhi based MTNL too had started its own VoIP and IP, TV services. 

Technological convergence in India is now at full swing and there is no looking back, 3G and Wi-Max are coming, iPhone Apple 3G is coming too and soon the days would be there when Indians would usher into the high speed wireless cheap mobile broadband on the move and the cheap VoIP telephony and could use high speed data travelling from their mobile handsets. There is need for more and more secured Wi-Fi hotspots in the country though! 


Free cell phone and calls for Tennessee's low income residents

Safe link wireless project will provide to the low income Tennessee residents the free cell phones and also the mobile service for the year to year basis.

The eligible will receive a free mobile with 60+ minutes airtime with unlimited 911 emergency services. All the features would be there in free cell phone like SMS, Voice Mail, Call waiting etc. and also the international calling facility. 

Talkfree7 : )

Phone mapping technology for making cheap abroad calls

Innovative Phone Mapping Technology and make Low Cost International Calls:

Avail 10 free test minutes to call internationally. 

They gives you a free permanent local number to call globally for cheap for each international number (they say it as mapping to local numbers). Just store the local number of family, friends and businesses in your address book than call them directly, the above site will connect their mobile / land line with you and they could be anywhere in the world. 

Your telecom carrier will charge the local call for you + you would be charged by the for making cheap international calls at the prescribed cheap rates. 

Phone mapping is a very useful and convenient feature for the mobile users so they can store the desired local number in the cell address book to call internationally cheap and at any time. 

Thus this gives you a clear voice quality while allowing the cheap international calls. No hassles of troubled Calling Cards where one has to enter the PIN etc and also to punch in phone numbers. 

Dialsimple allows to send unlimited FREE Voice Messages anywhere from your phone.

Free VoIP: Global Calls PC to Phone

Free International calls via PC to Phone over VoIP protocol is the future of cheap and unlimited telephony. Skype is the leader and many many numerous VoIP companies too offer the same free unlimited calls over the net using VoIP protocol.

Evaphone too offers free unlimited Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) / Internet telephony free international calls. 

Destinations / Nations to make free international calls (mobile / land line):

How to use Evaphone:

EVAPHONE is an Ad based free online application and it allows to make unlimited international PC-to-phone calls using a web browser only, no registration no SIP phone etc download and you are ready to make free VoIP international / global calls using PC to phone to more than 40 countries..

One thing, before making your call Evaphone plays a small Ad / short promo video, after it your call is ready, after all they cover their expenses by Ad revenue, so this VoIP call is Ad sponsored. 

The call time duration and the total number of free calls are limited in time value and per IP address, like for US, UK or India, Pakistan, free VoIP minutes could differ and also the frequency of free calling, but still it’s a service that could be used to make totally free VoIP Calls.

Talkfree7 : )

Live Olympics on cell phones by Yahoo and Google

Latest Medals' Tally:;_ylt=AnGTie3HVyBFPu_43u8RdIiVTZd4

You can watch the Olympic torch relay,the Olympic rings scores to all sports and opening and closing ceremonies, athletes’ medal count, games scores etc all at China-Beijing's summer Olympiad 2008 on your mobile phone's screen by Yahoo and Google's service and they are free. 

Always Faster Higher Stronger / Citius Altius a sportsman with the sportsman spirit : )

Saudi Arabia to Indo-Pakistan cheap calls on independence day

Independence Day Cheap Calls Gift From Saudi Arabia To India and Pakistan

Saudi Telecom (STC) has reduced the international calls from Saudi Arabia to India and to Pakistan upto 50% to commensurate the Independence day of the two respective nations of the Indian Subcontinent. 

The 50% cheap calls to Pakistan and has already been started and will remain until the August 14th midnight. 

For India, the cheap international calls from Saudi to India will start at 14th midnight and will remain up to the 15th August midnight : )This is a nice news for many Indian and Pakistanis as many of them lives in Saudi Arabia / Gulf / Dubai for wages!

Create, publish WAP sites for cell phones

How To Create: *.mobi sites for free with GPRS enabled Mobile phones / handsets:

No tech knowledge required, no web expertise needed, nothing to be a mobile or tech geek, a free service and you can create, publish and share your web presence / web site in few minutes using the above featured link. You can create free WAP web sites with your GPRS enabled mobile phone, PC, Laptop etc. 

You can even make sell (services / products) via your web site created with the help of mobile phone, you can attach online forms on it, and you can earn money with your sites showing Ads (like Ads By Google, Adsense, Admob ads etc) to the world at large...mobility is the future and wireless WAP web sites *.mobi (mobile) sites are the latest trend to generate funds / Ad revenue!

Live Demo:


US, Canada Free VoIP Ads Calls promises free 5 minutes long distance calls in US, Canada currently in lieu of hearing short audio Ads (advertisements). The guys you would call never will hear the ads but just you. 

Plumble do need your credit card number or your name. Right now this free calls service in US / Canada is in Beta mode. 

Just dial 818-742-0110 (not toll free) to make a free call in US / Canada (but hold you will may be charged long distance for making a call to this number : ) I am still puzzled that why would I call a long distance phone number just to make an another long distance 'free' call just for 5 minutes? So this may be useful for short free calls and for the areas where 818 is a local phone number : )


'Dusty' from Plumble clarifies on that, 

"The site is really just a test. Calls are set for just 2.5 minutes so we can test the call flow end to end. While the /G page is up, you are free to make a call, but we really don't have it up for end users at the moment. 

When we finally launch, we'll have local numbers across the country which you can use to dial in for free and terminate your call to dozens of countries world wide. 

Calls will be 10 to 20 minutes in max length. We will not be asking for any form of payment or obtrusive demographic info. Unlike other services, we are really free and we respect your privacy. 

Feel free to give the test a try if you are curious. Otherwise, you can keep track of us at for more info on when we are launching. Thank you..." 

Free Calls to Austria, China, US, Germany fixed line phones during Olympic games

Telecom paper reports that during the Beijing, China Olympic Games from August 8, 2008 to Aug 24, 2008, the Austrian cellular provider MOBILE CALL is offering the free calls from Austria to China, USA and Germany's fixed line telecom networks. 

Austrian cell phone users have to register their cell number to avail this free international calls offer from Austria. 

Talkfree7 : )

China Olympics and cheap VoIP roaming overseas 

For international delegates / players / athletes / tourists witnessing the summer Olympic, Beijing-China 2008, this could be a great idea to cut international wireless incoming roaming calls charges while in China. 

Phonefusionone is a VoIP telecom company; its Make-a-Call feature can help reducing international roaming rates significantly. Buy a local SIM in Beijing, logon to and make your existing calls forwarding to this new local China number. This VoIP call forwarding feature will help you in reducing the significant international roaming charges. 

Use Apple 3G iPhone as a laptop modem 

How to use Apple's iPhone 3G as a modem to surf high speed internet on laptop / PC?

3G is a high speed data transfer protocol and than thereafter Wi-Max can said to be the next generation high speed fast wireless broadband Internet on the move. 

The above Site explains this in depth like you have to create a WiFi connection on laptop and than lock the Apple iPhone 3G to that connection and than have to find the IP address of iPhone 3G and note it > start SOCKS server > start Safari browser on Apple iPhone 3G > Switch to 3G Connection 

For full details: 

Talkfree7 : )

Free Conference Calls from US to Israel cell or land line; free VoIP calling

Free calls: From USA to Israel, Mexico, UK, France and Germany

Web2.0 Free IP (Internet) Phone Calls + Social Networking: 

A start up with currently a low Alexa traffic count! This is an ads supported free mobile / landline calls service which connects you with social networks too. It works like a free calling card and here the voicemail and call / tele-conferencing too are FREE. Even no credit cards are required.

How Ringplus is able to provide free calls / conference calls: from USA to Israel, Mexico, UK, France and Germany

Well, when you call / dial somebody you normally hear the beep ringing to connect you with the desired guy, and many telecom companies replace that ringing beep tone with some sound / music, that one can choose for a cost, but here Ringplus instead replaced that beep with the advertisements! and offers free international calls to its US customers in lieu of hearing the 5-6 second descent family friendly Ads. 

Talkfree7 : )


Jajah VoIP's: English - Chinese, Voice Translation, Real Time, Free Service

JAJAH.Babel Handheld Real Time Translator: English - Chinese Mandarin (and vice versa) voice translation service (A Jajah and IBM joint collaboration).

Beijing (China) Olympic Games 2008 are at swing and the Jajah, the leader in VoIP cheap international phone calls technology had launched an innovative voice translation service from English to Chinese Mandarin (and vice versa) in real time for spoken words and sentences.

People says (Chinese guy who did tested this voice translation) that it is surprisingly a nice service and translates well from English to Chinese Mandarin. 

This translation service works on speech detection, you have to dial a free phone number and to speak voice the desired text, than press # than you can hand over the phone to the desired person to whom you need to convey the translated message, you can open the speaker though. 

This is a great phone feature if you are in China for business trip or for watching and enjoying the Beijing Olympic Games. You can be confident there that your message can be conveyed in local Chinese Mandarin dialect to the local guys there, as we know in China there could be some problems with the English dialect / language. 

The million dollar thing is that this service is free to use. Thanks to Jajah (the VoIP guys) and IBM.

Talkfree7 : )


Skype VoIP Calls: Finland & Israel, Unlimited

Just a quick update from Skype the brand leaders in VoIP technology / cheap to free unlimited VoIP Calls...(PC to PC calls and PC to phone calls).

Unlimited VoIP calls from Skype to Finland and Israel is now the very part of their subscriptions list. Skype had added Finland and Israel too to their unlimited calling club countries.

Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, UAE, Gulf etc.) are waiting eagerly for their turns for cheap unlimited VoIP calls. 

Skype packages are very cheap to call the world and is (Skype to Skype is always free, anywhere and globally): 

USD5.95 a month: Unlimited calls (any time) to landlines FOR ANY SPECIFIC COUNTRY you may choose to call with Skype VoIP. Skype to Skype is always free all over the world.

USD12.95 a month: Unlimited calls (any time) to landlines of 36 countries, worldwide with Skype VoIP calling. Skype to Skype is free internationally.

Skype Video Calls (Free Unlimited Skype to Skype):

High quality Video calls are free globally Sype to Skype you just need a webcam, PC / laptop and an Internet connection (broadband / Wi-Max). 

Than start and say hello and feel the senses of your family and friends with unlimited free Video calls (Skype to Skype). You may also build more useful biz relations with your worldwide clients as video calls are more personal than a voice calls. 

Skype recommends a Logitech high quality webcam to make much sharper picture quality to view and have fun live on your laptop's / PC screen. 

Skype's free video call works with following O.S.: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. 

Talkfree7 : )

Free VoIP Phone Click to Call Button: Without Exposing Numbers

Social Network Communication 

'They' say this as a Killer VoIP start up for the users in the North America! Arzoola is a new way to communicate with friends and is a VoIP communication social networking tool where one can make / receive absolutely free calls without actually revealing the phone numbers : ) 

Arzoola is a VoIP voice to the world of free social networking. Actually this is a 'Call Me' type of calling button you might have noticed on the various Blogs /Websites. 

What you have to receive free calls, without revealing your phone numbers is: go to the above site, enter the phone number, zip etc and the time period that for how many days you wanna receive free calls etc, than take the HTML / Java code from there, paste it to your Blog / Website and Voila, now anybody can click to call you without knowing your phone number. 

This uses the business grade carriers of VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) calls which are the latest in demand cheap calls technology, and gaining its roots day by day, in VoIP Calls can be made very cheap via PC to Phone, PC to PC etc. Skype is the brand leader in VoIP technology. 

This free call button tool is especially designed for Craigslist and Facebook users but can be used on any Blog, My Space or Site, where than you can put that li'll HTML code : ) and where you may wish to receive free calls for a limited time period with maintaining your privacy and without exposing your actual phone number. 


Nokia E66, E71, Dilbert Promo Ad: Wonderful Worth Seeing

NOKIA is a small place in Finland and supplies one of the most smart, advanced and popular mobile handsets to the world : )

…After the much popular Nokia N series mobiles now Finnish handset giant Nokia seems to promoting its E series mobiles (better known as Nokia's, Business cell phones). 

Nokia had started a wonderful Ad campaign on Google Adsense (Ads by Google) for its E-Series cell phones, as we know Nokia has a strong base in Asia and especially in Indian subcontinent like India, Pakistan etc, hence they need to focus their premium handsets in the growing fierce competition here with RIM's Blackberry and just to be launched Apple's iPhone 3G!

In the above featured Nokia Ad, Nokia's virtual character, Dilbert's Gang is inviting you to take your fun personality test / tour, are you ready for it, than give it a try. After registering a short form you will be taken into a clean sordid and a beautiful virtual colored office for a fun quiz, after all its Nokia and promoting their brands business Nokia E66 and Nokia E71 (QWERTY Keyboard) products in a most innovative fashion. 


SMS Orkut Scrap at Scrapbooks Of Friends

India: Thanks to once again, always doing nice tech work. 

Labnol reports that popular social network from Google, The Orkut users in India, now can write a scrap on friends' Orkut scrapbooks on the move with their Mobile phones SMS / Text messaging. 

The service is free but you may have to bear the local / national / premium SMS charges by your service operator. Earlier it was possible only through Internet /GPRS / EDGE enabled mobile handset / cell phones.

Google's Orkut is one of the popular social online (web based) network / friends’ communities in India and Brazil. The scrap via Text message is an old thing for Brazil Orkuters (with Claro as a service provider) but a new feature for Indian Orkut users. 

The Orkut short code currently in India works only with a few selected mobile operators and will spread to more telcos in coming times. It is a nice VAS (value added service) to Indian telcos in current hot revenue fetching by mobile services. 

Talkfree7 : )


Apple iPhone 3G India Airtel: 23 August 2008 Coming and Indian News Agency, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported that Apple's iPhone 3G version (touch screen , in built GPS, iPod embedded etc handset) by Airtel is coming to India at the stroke of the midnight August 21st. 

August 22nd, 2008 onwards, You may buy yours iPhone all over India via various Airtel's Relationship Centres.

August 15th is the Independence day of India, celebrate it with more joy awaiting official iphone 3G launch in India. Nothing to unlock now, its grounding officially in INDIA, the country of Taj Mahal. 

Essar Vodafone the iPhone vendor in India will launch this gizmo before Bharti Airtel and that on August 18th, 2008. There pricing is yet to be disclosed. 

Airtel iPhone 3G pricing too is yet a mystery (but 'sources' revealed that it would be around approximately INR 24,000 = US$ 600), the wonder gadget / cult of the century is the craziest thing on this Earth, after iPod, it is making the ripples in the US / Europe’s high tech mobile segments. 

Rumours are also coming that Apple Incorporation is making the preparations to worldwide launch the newest version of Apple iPhone by this Christmas, maybe called as “iPhone Nano”!

But as far as the case of India, Talkfree7 is concerned that it may make a bridge between high end segment of Indians and the large middle class here, as iPhone is much more popular than RIM's Blackberry handsets so we have yet to see how would be the Indian reaction to this little 3G Touch cute device, The iPhone : ) But this is sure Blackberry will face the another stiff competition from her newest Indian rival, just after the long tussle of words and action with the government of India.

Indian Government recently had pronounced the 3G / Wi-Max terms for spectrum allocation and licensing, foreign players are too invited, in these all recent happenings iPhone would be a HAPPY gizmo, but ONLY for those who can afford this : ( 

Apple iPhone 3G = Neighbours’ Envy, Owners’ Pride? 

Cheers : )


Bebo Call: Free-Texts-Picture Messages to Aliens

'A Message From Earth': A Bebo / RDF Digital Life Project: Internet / Digital Age on Earth Connects with the unknown possible Aliens residing somewhere in the deep dark galaxies! 

Star Track: Did you ever tried the phone calls, SMS / Text / Image Message to an Alien sitting and wishing to contact you in deep space / UFO (unidentified flying object), above the Blues? Oh, you do not believe in Aliens or perhaps do not have the mobile / phone lines that may connect you for free with an ALIEN FRIEND somewhere living IN THE SPACE / in to an unknown destination. 

Well Talkfree7 will help the guys who wish to connect and wish to call friendly Aliens in the Milky way, if they really exist? 

The popular social networking site Bebo in association with RDF Digital life will crate a TIME CAPSULE where its users can send the personal texts / messages to the planet where (if any) life exists and there live any Aliens? 

Bebo will call / transmit messages to these unknown Aliens’ 120 trillion miles away into deep black space to a planet known as: Gliese 581C, believed to be a similar planet that like Earth and may be the Aliens lives there?! 

The best 500 selected personal messages will be beamed to the unknown space to the possible aliens (living a second life somewhere in the solar system), last date to submit / calling / messaging is: 30 September 2008. 

Best selected messages will be broadcast by Ukraine's National Space Agency's Radar telescope RT-70 on 9th October and perhaps will reach the galaxy only by the year 2029 : ) 

The select 500 best messages from Earth will travel in time capsule with the light speed / light year speed and will pass the moon in 1.7 seconds and will leave our solar system to he space in only 7 hours. 

But you should not expect an early reply as the messages may hit not early than year 2029 there and you will add more 21 years in your life by than, but it is quite interesting a project to be, be the par of the history in the making : ) 


3G - Wi-Max - Wi-Fi: Qualcomm-Nokia Gadgets 

The above featured news gives the wireless Indians the most awaited happy news that after the announcement of 3G / Wi-Max spectrum opening in India, which invites the foreign players too, India is soon going to be a hub for cheap and affordable fast speed 3G / Wi-Max gadgets, portable laptops and hand held devices on which one can cheer the high speed wireless broadband internet in India. Soon there WILL be lots of Wi-Fi Hot spots in India and India will really a tech power in our coming recent years. 

Apple's iPhone (3G) is being in launch preparations in India by both the Essar-Vodafone and Bharti Airtel this month by 18th August and Sep 1 respectively. 

With the advent of Apple's iPhone 3G the wireless high speed data market will be hot in India as BSNL already started selling its one of 3G services in Bangalore etc called: EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized) and BSNL is all set to roll out its Wi-Max network in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Mid August 2008. 

To take the advantage of 3G / Wi-Max India now the mobile handsets, PDAs and gadgets makers like Qualcomm, Nokia etc are eyeing the India by providing the economical versions to surf the 3G / WiMax networks smooth, effectively and on handheld mobile phones and gadgets like cheap laptop etc. 

Qualcomm (US based CDMA set pioneering company) is making for Indians smart mobile phones around Rs 10,000 (USD 250) which could support 3G / WiMax and a laptop like cheap tech device which could surf internet by way of wireless with 3G / WiMax compatibility for approx Rs 8000 (USD200). Also Qualcomm is doing for a Rs 4000 (US$100) USB port that could be tucked with laptops / PCs etc to enjoy the wireless high speed mobile data internet using 3G/ Wimax etc. Qualcomm is already in talks, so the Indian mobile operators may launch bundled offer with branded WiMax / 3G mobile handsets in India. 

Soon more players like Essar Vodafone (Hutch), Virgin Mobile and many more would emerge to the Indian 3G / Wi-Max, Wi-Fi scene, we are waiting : ) We are in the wireless world and are free of wires : ) 

(Now!)Man is born free and everywhere he is (NOT) in the chains! 

Talkfree7 : )

BSNL Wi-Max / 3G-EVDO Wireless India Launch

After the unofficial selling of EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized)by State owned telecom operator of India, the BSNL's 3G rollout (EVDO services) in Bangalore / Ernakulam etc, BSNL is all set to roll out its Wi-Max (high speed data transfer or high speed wireless mobile broadband: speed is much higher even than that of 3G cellular network) in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) this month by mid August 2008. 

Laptop users on the move / PC users too can use fast wireless mobile Internet when this service would be launched. 

India is soon going to be a high speed mobile wireless data transfer country as the Indian government recently announced its 3G / Wi-Max spectrum allocation policy (foreign players too are welcomed) and Mobile Number Portability (MNP). 

Talkfree7 : ) 


Wi-Max India: EVDO- 3G: BSNL Selling Services? reports an interesting wireless 3G story that 3G / Wi-Max has announced just recently (August 1, 2008) by Government of India but State owned telecom operator BSNL has already been pilot commercially selling its 3G wireless high speed internet service in few select Indian cities: EVDO / EV-DO / EV (Evolution-Data Optimized) Service? BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has been selling 2.4Mbps data wireless services in India even prior to the wireless 3G, licenses were being awarded to any player?! reports further that even the BSNL is airing the Ads / commercial in Bangalore (the software Paradise & The Silicon Valley of India) picture halls to promote its EVDO (3G) services.

BSNL confirmed that they are really selling 2.4 Mbps EVDO (3G Wireless service) before the actual green signal by the Government of India : ) but BSNL officials seems to be rather confused or feeling ‘helpless’ to decide whether the EV-DO is a proper 3G service or not?,-says-DoT/1808108574/0/

Telecommunications Industry Association (India) defines EVDO: "CDMA2000, High Rate Packet Data Air Interface." There are two major 3G standards for wireless data transmission via radio frequencies and EVDO is one of them and another prominent standard 3G is being is W-CDMA.

Anyways, the Indians should have much reasons to be more happy as recent announcement by Indian government regards its 3G / Wi-Max spectrum / wireless high speed data roll our in India will open the way for wireless / mobile wireless broadband in India, here foreign players are equally welcome and State owned BSNL and MTNL said they are ready to come to the 3G scene within next 4-6 months : )

Another useful announcement for mobile Indians is regards the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) {same mobile number, any operator /or change any mobile operator, retain the same mobile number for life}. It is coming whole of India within a year, starting Metro cities within next 4 months.

For the records: Japan's telco NTT DoCoMo was the first launch pre-commercial 3G network in 2001 on the technology called: W-CDMA-GA3Y.

Talkfree7 : )

US Free Calls Day: Iraq, Afghan War Veterans

Free Calls Day (To USA) Aug 17, 2008 is a free calls to home (USA) days for the troops / military / soldiers posted in Iraq and Afghanistan they will get the free calls to their homes for free!

Sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars / VFW Operation Uplink program.The users of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Prepaid service are open to make free calls to USA to their homes.
This will be a regular phone-to-phone call to USA free of charge. PS: Please don’t forget to forward / email this article / post here from Talkfree7 to any of your family / friend / soldiers there in Iraq / Afghanistan so he / she too can take the advantage of free calls day to his / her home.
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