Multitasking: Hands Free Mobile Nubrella 

Now we do not have to worry to send text / sms or to talk on mobile phone in extreme rains or bad weather conditions (but please avoid mobiles in lightning conditions). Use new age umbrella: Nubrella. 

With the help of this Nubrella we can do sms, call anybody, email from mobile / blackberry / Apple iPhone, can listen iPod, play PSP video games and all such PDA applications on the move while under rains. 

Nubrella protects us from extreme weather and is a hands free and new age version of our old fashioned umbrellas, a great and must have tool for multi taskers. It protects you like car's windscreen, also one day there will be wipers too here just like your car : ) 

That is why they call it as: "The Ultimate Weather Protector"! It is invented by Alan Kaufman (inventor and founder). 

Talkfree7 : )

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