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ibibo imobile: Make international calls free to your ibibo friends, anywhere in the world, from your mobile phone, also send free group SMS to your friends and family an use free voice mail facility too. is a great India based social network, their motto is funny: " do not be a balti (bathing bucket)". First they provided free STD calls in India between Ibibo users now they have opened imobile free mobile calls between ibibo users anywhere in the world, this is not a VoIP call but full fledged national / international call that originates with your mobile phone. 

Just register for free, invite / make friends an call from mobile free anywhere in the world, free unlimited international sms, free group message. 

A mobile free call is up to 2 minutes, you are given at start with 10 free minutes of call time. You may earn 3 minutes each of free calling time for each friend if you invite and who joins. For example: If 5 friends join ibibo iMobile with you than you earn 15 free calling minutes! No catch, you also can avail the facility of free voice mail. 

Ibibo imobile is free service so for revenues the calls / sms can be supported by Ads. 

How ibibo iMobile Works:

· Get registered for free 

· Click “call now” button > you will get a call on your mobile (which is registered on ibibo imobile) 

· ibibo will get connect you to the mobile number you desired 

· This is a truly free international call and you will not be charged 

· Your first call can last upto 3 minutes and can be made to ANYBODY in the world 

· Than thereafter subsequent calls can only be made to your ibibo friends.. 

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