Guitar Hero: Console-Mobile Game 

...Unleash your inner rock star and become a child who loves to play musical Mobile Games...

The mobile phone gaming is really hot now, in the series of console to cell phone crossover games, the mobile version of the game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (was released on October 28, 2007), is turning people into crazy rock star-musicians / gamers, cellphone gaming has become the very part and parcel of our lives with mobile phenomenon worldwide. 

Guitar Hero is a popular musical video guitar simulation / rhythm game developed by Harmonix Music Systems and published by RedOctane / ActiVision. 

There are five games in the Guitar Hero series and Guitar Hero also could be played / shared on X-Box 360, Play Station 3, Nokia mobiles etc : ) . The player has to play musical rock songs from date back 1960s till date. 

Mobile phone carriers / Telcos (in US, Sprint, AT&T etc) had rolled out the mobile version of this Guitar Hero III ( RedOctane-Activision's / Hands on Mobile rock music game) and the crazy teens / youngsters are subscribing it with a phenomenon that it is heading towards to becoming the most trusted, loved and one of the most successful console to cellphone crossover game in the mobile gaming history! It could even overpower the Tetris game, I believe! Guitar Hero series games already has been sold to numerous and had earned billion of dollars in revenues. 


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