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Talkster Phone Party: 

Talkster, is the company which is Ad supported VoIP provider and specializes in free global dialing, International free calls, free conference calls etc via cell phone / mobiles etc. 

Talkster has introduced an application Talkster Phone Party for free unlimited international dialing for Facebook members (6th most trafficked site in US, Facebook is a social networking / utility site so that the Facebook members can make from any phone, free UNLIMITED international calls and also worldwide long distance calls, fun group conference calls, chat etc to their Facebook friends, just from their Facebook profile pages : )


By using this free unlimited calls application the Facebook users also can maintain the privacy of their personal phone numbers either for making a call or for receiving the calls from their Facebook pals from allover the world.

Talkster uses personalized offers for callers and Ads revenue to supplement the free calling cost.

By this Talkster Phone Party application the facebook users can also manage (add / remove) friends from their profile / phone party groups and may schedule the UNLIMITED calling group conference calls / chat for free. 

Talkster's Phone Party Application is designed with the aim in the mind to let connected 80 million+ active Facebook members from the Earth / globe so they can use unlimited free international calls to their pals in their facebook profile, this communication sans geographical location or boundaries. Talkster Phone Party application is truly a great thing to overcome the physical boundaries via free worldwide telephony.

At a glance, useful links: 

From web: www.Talkster.com

From mobile phone: http://free.talkster.com 

From Apple iPhone: http://i.talkster.com

Talkster Phone Party application: http://apps.facebook.com/talksterconf/ 

Talkster Countries: 


Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile China Czech Republic Denmark El Salvador Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands Norway Peru Poland Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States.

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