Apple iPhone 3G India Launch: Vodafone August 18th, 2008

Breaking News for India:

Its not a mystery now, reports (after much digging, they got the info) that finally Essar Vodafone (formerly Hutch)is grounding the most awaited gadget of this era in India, The Apple’s iPhone 3G is coming to India on August 18th, 2008. Pricing and other details are yet unknown. No need to unlock the iPhone now in India and nothing to rush to the grey markets. 

iPhone has to be also be launched in India by Bharti Airtel but still the date mystery shrouds. 

As Vodafone will launch the iPhone 3G in India on the 18th of August, it will start a new expensive handset era in the country after recent RIM's Blackberry’s tussle with the Government of India. 

While India has yet to dictate the terms for allocating the spectrum of 3G / Wi-Max etc and infrastructure policy etc this is not clear that how 3G iPhone is going to launch in India without a 3G network? Or may be 3G is starting India very very soon, fingers are crossed. 

Apple iPhone 3G will start the way for mobile wireless broadband telephony / fast wireless data transfer in India as we know that 3G is a fast data transfer cellular network and Wi-Max is even many times faster than 3G. I am anxiously waiting for the Wi-Max wireless broadband Internet so I can get connected on the move and could get a rid of these useless wired life : )

Currently Tata /VSNL are providing the Wi-Max services in few pockets in Bangalore, Southern India. With the advent of 3G / Wi-Max, India will become much advanced of her counterparts on the information super highway! 

Anyway Indians has an additional reason to celebrate their Independence day this year August 15th, now they can eat an official Apple : ) The iPhone, thank you Steve Jobs You had done it, Say it with Flowers….Good Luck India, it is your turn now : )

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