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India: You may be one of the YouTube's Videos addict. Well then you are here at the right place at the right time... 

The Mobshare site is nice to share, transmit & enjoy your MMS / videos & pictures / photos / multimedia, using WAP / mobile phones & mobile devices, if you want to share them with the world at large : ) You are free to share instant MMS with your beloved, girl friend, fiancé / fiancée or hubby : )

But you need to be in India with either any of these: GPRS / EDGE / 3G connection on your cell phone.

Procedure is very simple, shoot / capture a snap / video / MMS with your mobile device, air it to [email protected] via MMS from mobile or directly upload online, than immediately your contacts / family / friends will receive your MMS, pictures, videos, media as a broadcast stream instantly on their mobile phones and online too (if they wish to check you the online way). 

The 'Subscribe' feature here permits you to receive pics / Videos / photos / MMS of your friends upload direct on your mobile phone.

If you have a website or blog (weblog) than mobshare provides a widget to be used there so you can share the stream of your multimedia, pics, videos with your family and friends on your Site / Blog. 

Privacy too is protected here and both the broadcaster & the subscriber has to prior approve the request to initiate stream broadcast media / content / photo/ MMS etc. 

Nice concept to share the instant stream of multimedia: videos, photos, MMS on mobile phones, PDAs. Worth Trying. This service is free though only charges you may have to pay to your telecom operator / service provider for GPRS etc. (BSNL, Vodafone Essar, Idea, Tata, Reliance, Airtel, Aircel, Spice, MTNL etc) 

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Free SMS / MMS / Text Messages :

iPhone: Rich Text: Cut-Copy-Paste-Edit

Apple's iPhone users are now free to do edit, cut, copy, paste on notes (to do list). iPhone 2.1 is still in beta mode and allows to do these all applications.

The third party applications: also allows to do these all (Cut-Copy-Paste-Edit) applications from Apple’s iPhone while making notes. The size, colors etc of fonts too can be changed. 

Magicpad (awaiting iTunes approval) is a rich text editor for the Apple's iPhone and can be used to do rich texting and than one can email the text document to anybody using Apple's iPhone. 

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Apple iPhone 3G India Launch: Vodafone August 18th, 2008

Breaking News for India:

Its not a mystery now, reports (after much digging, they got the info) that finally Essar Vodafone (formerly Hutch)is grounding the most awaited gadget of this era in India, The Apple’s iPhone 3G is coming to India on August 18th, 2008. Pricing and other details are yet unknown. No need to unlock the iPhone now in India and nothing to rush to the grey markets. 

iPhone has to be also be launched in India by Bharti Airtel but still the date mystery shrouds. 

As Vodafone will launch the iPhone 3G in India on the 18th of August, it will start a new expensive handset era in the country after recent RIM's Blackberry’s tussle with the Government of India. 

While India has yet to dictate the terms for allocating the spectrum of 3G / Wi-Max etc and infrastructure policy etc this is not clear that how 3G iPhone is going to launch in India without a 3G network? Or may be 3G is starting India very very soon, fingers are crossed. 

Apple iPhone 3G will start the way for mobile wireless broadband telephony / fast wireless data transfer in India as we know that 3G is a fast data transfer cellular network and Wi-Max is even many times faster than 3G. I am anxiously waiting for the Wi-Max wireless broadband Internet so I can get connected on the move and could get a rid of these useless wired life : )

Currently Tata /VSNL are providing the Wi-Max services in few pockets in Bangalore, Southern India. With the advent of 3G / Wi-Max, India will become much advanced of her counterparts on the information super highway! 

Anyway Indians has an additional reason to celebrate their Independence day this year August 15th, now they can eat an official Apple : ) The iPhone, thank you Steve Jobs You had done it, Say it with Flowers….Good Luck India, it is your turn now : )

Send Video Clips: Web – Mobile, Free - Fast Media Transfer Online

Featured Site:

Now, we will visit brilliant site that will help us instantly sending, for free, any media clips, files directly from web / Internet to our cell phone / mobile. 

So when you need to send any clips instantly (videos (YouTube etc), text, images, photos, music MP3, or anything...) directly from the web to any mobile for free and unlimited than use 


To use this you just have need to download a small piece of software on your PC / Laptop as well as on your mobile phone. 

In US presently only AT&T and Sprint allows downloading for this application but for internationals there is no such restrictions from telecom carriers / operators. 

There is a feature here, Send to ringtone maker: here you can create a ringtone from almost any videos than let that audio clip to be get sent to your little mobile: ) You are free to edit / crop the video clips etc. 

ZipClip works with many branded mobile phones including Nokia, Motorola, RIM Blackberry handsets etc but is still waiting for an Apple's iPhone connectivity and also has to wait for the connectivity with smart hand held devices / PDAs which have full QWERTY keyboards. 

Guitar Hero: Console-Mobile Game 

...Unleash your inner rock star and become a child who loves to play musical Mobile Games...

The mobile phone gaming is really hot now, in the series of console to cell phone crossover games, the mobile version of the game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (was released on October 28, 2007), is turning people into crazy rock star-musicians / gamers, cellphone gaming has become the very part and parcel of our lives with mobile phenomenon worldwide. 

Guitar Hero is a popular musical video guitar simulation / rhythm game developed by Harmonix Music Systems and published by RedOctane / ActiVision. 

There are five games in the Guitar Hero series and Guitar Hero also could be played / shared on X-Box 360, Play Station 3, Nokia mobiles etc : ) . The player has to play musical rock songs from date back 1960s till date. 

Mobile phone carriers / Telcos (in US, Sprint, AT&T etc) had rolled out the mobile version of this Guitar Hero III ( RedOctane-Activision's / Hands on Mobile rock music game) and the crazy teens / youngsters are subscribing it with a phenomenon that it is heading towards to becoming the most trusted, loved and one of the most successful console to cellphone crossover game in the mobile gaming history! It could even overpower the Tetris game, I believe! Guitar Hero series games already has been sold to numerous and had earned billion of dollars in revenues. 


Facebook: Free Group Conference Calls: Talkster Phone Party

Talkster Phone Party: 

Talkster, is the company which is Ad supported VoIP provider and specializes in free global dialing, International free calls, free conference calls etc via cell phone / mobiles etc. 

Talkster has introduced an application Talkster Phone Party for free unlimited international dialing for Facebook members (6th most trafficked site in US, Facebook is a social networking / utility site so that the Facebook members can make from any phone, free UNLIMITED international calls and also worldwide long distance calls, fun group conference calls, chat etc to their Facebook friends, just from their Facebook profile pages : )

By using this free unlimited calls application the Facebook users also can maintain the privacy of their personal phone numbers either for making a call or for receiving the calls from their Facebook pals from allover the world.

Talkster uses personalized offers for callers and Ads revenue to supplement the free calling cost.

By this Talkster Phone Party application the facebook users can also manage (add / remove) friends from their profile / phone party groups and may schedule the UNLIMITED calling group conference calls / chat for free. 

Talkster's Phone Party Application is designed with the aim in the mind to let connected 80 million+ active Facebook members from the Earth / globe so they can use unlimited free international calls to their pals in their facebook profile, this communication sans geographical location or boundaries. Talkster Phone Party application is truly a great thing to overcome the physical boundaries via free worldwide telephony.

At a glance, useful links: 

From web:

From mobile phone: 

From Apple iPhone:

Talkster Phone Party application: 

Talkster Countries:

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile China Czech Republic Denmark El Salvador Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands Norway Peru Poland Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States.

Free International Calls / SMS / Voicemail / Group SMS: Ibibo 

ibibo imobile: Make international calls free to your ibibo friends, anywhere in the world, from your mobile phone, also send free group SMS to your friends and family an use free voice mail facility too. is a great India based social network, their motto is funny: " do not be a balti (bathing bucket)". First they provided free STD calls in India between Ibibo users now they have opened imobile free mobile calls between ibibo users anywhere in the world, this is not a VoIP call but full fledged national / international call that originates with your mobile phone. 

Just register for free, invite / make friends an call from mobile free anywhere in the world, free unlimited international sms, free group message. 

A mobile free call is up to 2 minutes, you are given at start with 10 free minutes of call time. You may earn 3 minutes each of free calling time for each friend if you invite and who joins. For example: If 5 friends join ibibo iMobile with you than you earn 15 free calling minutes! No catch, you also can avail the facility of free voice mail. 

Ibibo imobile is free service so for revenues the calls / sms can be supported by Ads. 

How ibibo iMobile Works:

· Get registered for free 

· Click “call now” button > you will get a call on your mobile (which is registered on ibibo imobile) 

· ibibo will get connect you to the mobile number you desired 

· This is a truly free international call and you will not be charged 

· Your first call can last upto 3 minutes and can be made to ANYBODY in the world 

· Than thereafter subsequent calls can only be made to your ibibo friends.. 

US to Dominican: Cheap VoIP Calls: Rebtel

Sweden based international mobile VoIP provider Rebtel has heavily slashed the international calling rates from US to The Dominican Republic. (Rates: approx 5 cents per minute for calls to landline phones and approx. 10 cents per minute to mobile phones).

Rebtel claims that its rates from US to Dominican Republic are better than even popular VoIP companies’ rates like Skype, Jaxtr and Jajah etc.

Rebtel Smart call:

Make free Rebtel international calls from your mobile phone; also there is a free 10-minute Rebtel international call to test drive.

And fortunately if you and your family / friends lives in Rebtel countries than you can make a free international VoIP Call with Rebtel.

Rebtel countries are listed here:

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Multitasking: Hands Free Mobile Nubrella 

Now we do not have to worry to send text / sms or to talk on mobile phone in extreme rains or bad weather conditions (but please avoid mobiles in lightning conditions). Use new age umbrella: Nubrella. 

With the help of this Nubrella we can do sms, call anybody, email from mobile / blackberry / Apple iPhone, can listen iPod, play PSP video games and all such PDA applications on the move while under rains. 

Nubrella protects us from extreme weather and is a hands free and new age version of our old fashioned umbrellas, a great and must have tool for multi taskers. It protects you like car's windscreen, also one day there will be wipers too here just like your car : ) 

That is why they call it as: "The Ultimate Weather Protector"! It is invented by Alan Kaufman (inventor and founder). 

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Free Online E-Cards and Greetings: 123Greetings.Com

While finding all these technical things like Mobile Phone reviews, VoIP providers, iPhone Apple, Telecom technology, Cheap to free unlimited international calls, free SMS / Text....etc mind boggles down and need some peaceful moments of rest and is my best choice in such moments and the other pastime is playing with some nice online free e-greetings / e-cards. 

I love this above featured site for sending free e-cards / e-greetings, they have incredible nice collection of all the genres of e-greetings with them, you need a card and they have that! 

With all these free stay in touch ecards you can surprise, catch up and make happy your hubby, wife, family or friends anytime anywhere around the globe at the click of a mouse. 

Free Rakhi SMS: Raksha Bandhan Collection 

AtroChatro is one of my favorite site here one can found free SMS / text collection on almost each and every niche / genre. One can also send free SMS to India from here.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of India where sisters tie Rakhi (a beautiful and pious thread) on the hands of brothers and offer sweets to their Brothers and brothers too make them happy by giving gifts, sweets and happiness and a pledge to defend them always. 

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan you can send free SMS to your loving Bro or Sis, so get set go,

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Free VoIP Calls: Germany to USA, UK, Singapore...

PeterZahlt is a cool German name and it simply means "Let's Pay by Peter"

This is Germany based nice international VoIP calls provider. Here you can enjoy 30 minutes free international VoIP calls from Germany to Singapore (phone to phone calls). This is an Ad revenue supported free international VoIP calls service located in Germany. 

PeterZahlt offers free phone-to-phone VoIP calls from Germany to approx. 25+ countries, viz.: 

France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, UK, US, Canada (Land line), also Singapore, Australia, Belgium, Greece, New Zealand, Ireland, San Mario, Hong Kong, The Vatican etc. 

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Archive Texts, Stream Online, Free Worldwide Service

Treasuremytext is an online free mobile virtual web service for sharing and saving your favorite Text messages / SMS online. 

You do not have to fear now that your SMS or the text messages would get deleted or lost, you can, for free, archive your SMS in the virtual world via this cool application! 

Even this useful application lets you to archives text / SMS messages for an Apple iPhone. 


PC to Free VoIP Calls Slovakia: Jajah

Jajah the renowned cheap free VoIP global calls provider has now to offer PC - Free VoIP Calls to Slovakia

Free International Calls: 4th July, Independence Day: Mobivox

Whole of the America celebrates July 4th as Independence Day with crackers, fireworks and lights. 

This time on July 4th you can celebrate US Independence Day with making free VoIP International calls from anywhere in US (courtesy Mobivox Independence promo) to your near and dear ones. Celebrate the independence from long distance call charges.

Registered Mobivox users in USA can make free international calls worth US$10 to anywhere around the globe on either mobiles or fixed line phones.

Mobivox Independence Day free calling promo starts from midnight EDT to 11:59:59 pm EDT July 4.

Mobivox the leading VoIP provider is offering the free calls valued $10 this year to celebrate the US Independence Day, 4th July. Mobivox is the sole provider to make enable Skype VoIP on any mobile phones.

2000 Free Pingo International Calling Cards for Our Readers’

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